Find your favorite holiday décor with our signature True Needle® tips by browsing through our collection of the most realistic wreaths and garlands by foliage type.

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    Balsam Hill® offers the most realistic Christmas garlands and wreaths to complement your Christmas decorating style. From timeless greenery to beautifully pre-decorated wreaths and garlands, you are sure to find the perfect set for your home.

    Real-Looking Garlands & Wreaths

    Many of our most realistic garlands and wreaths are made from the same foliage as our most premium artificial Christmas trees. Featuring our exclusive True Needle® technology, these real-looking garlands and wreaths are made with injection-moulded PE needles to replicate the shape, texture, and colour of natural evergreens. Classic PVC needles are added for fullness.

    Sizes of Artificial Evergreen Garlands & Wreaths

    Our most realistic Christmas garlands range from 180 centimetres long and above. For standard doors or mantels, we recommend using 180- to 200-centimetre garlands. Hang 270- to 305-centimetre realistic garlands around oversized doors. If you want the strands to gather at the bottom, connect several garlands together to make a longer one.

    Artificial Christmas wreaths under 60 centimetres in diameter are best for standard doors, while 60- to 69-centimetre wreaths are ideal for oversized ones. If you have wider archways or double doors, wreaths measuring 70 centimetres and above are perfect.

    As a rule of thumb, choose a wreath that covers 50 to 75% of the hanging space’s width. For a standard door, leave 15 centimetres of space on either side of the wreath. You may also opt for a bigger wreath, but allot at least 5 centimetres of space per side.

    Different Types of Foliage

    Our most realistic garlands and wreaths are available with different types of foliage to give you plenty decorating options to choose from.


    With our pre-decorated greenery, you can bring the joy of Christmas to your fireplace mantel in minutes. They are adorned with ribbons and assorted ornaments for a festive look, as well as natural accents like apples, red berries, pinecones, twigs, and leaves. For a rustic effect, our Outdoor Homestead Pine foliage is a perfect way to bring countryside charm into your home.


    Our outdoor-safe foliage is UV-protected and crafted with weather-resistant materials to make their beauty last a long time. The Pine Peak Christmas Foliage is a collection of real-looking garlands, wreaths, and swags. These artificial evergreens feature long, sweeping pine needle boughs decorated with shatterproof gold ornaments, red berries, natural pinecones. The swag is designed with a rich red velvet bow for an additional pop of colour.

    Different Lighting Options

    For your convenience, our most realistic Christmas garlands, wreaths, and other greenery are available in pre-lit options. They feature our energy-efficient Clear LED lights, which mimic the warm glow of candlelight. Select models are battery-operated and come with a built-in timer that keeps the lights on for 8 hours and automatically turns them off for 16 hours.

    Complete your Christmas decorating theme with realistic garlands, wreaths, trees, and other decorations from Balsam Hill®. Visit our Ultimate Guide on Artificial Greenery to learn more.

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