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About us

Balsam Hill™ is the leading provider of high-quality,
realistic artificial christmas trees


Imagine a warm Christmas morning as you and your family gather around your Balsam Hill Christmas tree. Children giggle in excitement and happiness, while the adults warm up the grill and laugh together, preparing for a special family barbecue. In the midst of all the merriment in your home, your tree stands with pride, and although it has been decorated and displayed for weeks, it's the perfect shade of green, not a needle lies on the floor, and it looks so realistic that no one can believe that it is not a real tree. You smile and bask in the sun's warmth as you think about how easy it was to set up your tree, the welcome absence of sticky sap and needles throughout the house, and the stunning, realistic look that has brightened the living room for over a month. This is the holiday experience we hope to provide year after year through our luxurious, lifelike Christmas trees.


Our founder, Mac Harman, was inspired to start Balsam Hill by a family member who, despite being allergic to live trees, still wanted to create a festive atmosphere in his home during the holidays.

After searching for the best artificial evergreen but found none that satisfied his high standards, Mac began his mission to develop the most realistic and luxurious artificial Christmas trees.


At Balsam Hill, we are committed to creating the best Christmas trees on the market. As Australia's best and largest retailer specialising in artificial Christmas trees and seasonal décor, our designers carefully pattern our artificial branches after fresh cuttings from live trees. Our bestselling trees use True Needle™ technology, which help create foliage that vividly match the subtle colour variations and delicate texture of your favourite natural trees.

Today, the most stunning, realistic artificial Christmas trees are used to decorate homes all over Australia, thanks to Balsam Hill.



“We founded Balsam Hill™ with the simple goal of creating the world's finest artisan Christmas Trees. We are humbled and honored to receive so many public accolades for our products; yet we are most appreciative of the praise from thousands of our customers. I hope Balsam Hill will also win your praise this Christmas season.”

— Mac Harman,
Founder & CEO

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Just how real are our trees?

Balsam Hill trees have been the favourite of set designers and have also been featured in celebrity homes and internationally renowned television shows. Our artisan evergreens routinely grace the lobbies of luxury hotels as well as embassies, and are used in Macy's famous Santaland exhibit in New York City. The finest retailers rely on us throughout the spring and summer to provide gorgeous, lifelike trees as the backdrop to their holiday photo shoots for upcoming catalogues and advertisements. We have also been honoured by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, whose expert panel named our BH Balsam Fir™ the "Best Overall" artificial Christmas tree.

The best testament to our realism and quality, however, comes from our loyal customers, who express their satisfaction by making our trees part of their annual holiday traditions. With customers around the world wanting the most realistic trees available, Balsam Hill has shipped trees for years to countries all over the globe — including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and all across the U.S. The craftsmanship that goes into each of our trees ensures they will last for years to come.


Balsam Hill established itself in the Australian market in 2012 as a premier Christmas tree and décor retailer. For years, Australian customers have had very limited selection on Christmas trees and décor before Balsam Hill arrived with a wide selection of the best and most realistic Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands tailored specifically for the Australian market.

Featuring our most popular trees, we have presented the best of Balsam Hill to our Australian customers looking for a classic evergreen that matches the distinct character of Christmas on the continent. With a warehouse and customer service team located in Australia, Balsam Hill is well equipped to provide efficient and excellent service to our local customers. We are proud to say that we are Australia's top provider of superior quality, highly realistic artificial Christmas trees that come in a wide variety of shapes and lighting options.

At Balsam Hill, we strive for excellence in all that we do. We hope you will enjoy these very special trees with ultra-realistic branches, whether unlit or lit with LED lights. Our goal is for you to enjoy a picture perfect, hassle-free Christmas.

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