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Our goal is for you to find your perfect Balsam Hill Christmas tree in the comfort of your own home without any holiday shopping hassle. For those of you who would like the opportunity to view samples of our products in person before you purchase your new tree, we are pleased to offer our exclusive Branch Sample Kit.

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Customers love the Branch Sample Kit
Genius Idea!
Great idea to help you choose the perfect tree. It certainly helped me and I can now use the samples as mini trees - an added decoration!
—Nicola from Somerset, England
It was very helpful to be able to compare the appearance of the branches to the best trees I'd seen in stores and garden centres, and to see that Balsam Hill was by far the best available.
—Muppetmommeh from Wiltshire, England
Really Helped in Selecting My Tree
I actually spent a few weeks with my branch sample kit looking at color of the tree, texture of needles, and actually trying out ornaments on the very tips to see how they would be supported.
—Sally from Danbury, England
Good to see samples before buying
I wanted a realistic tree but couldn't find anything really good in the shops. There are several on-line companies but it is good to see before you buy so the sample kit supplied is a great idea.
—Tania from Solihull, England
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