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Christmas Trees

Make your celebrations more meaningful with Balsam Hill’s true-to-nature artificial Christmas trees. We design our trees with thoughtful details, ensuring convenience and longevity. Find the best Christmas trees that suit your style and space.

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Which is Better?

While many love the natural beauty of real evergreens, artificial trees have become popular recently. This is because the artificial trees for sale today are more lifelike and easier to set up than ever before. Here are some benefits:

Artificial Trees are More Convenient

Real Christmas trees need cutting, mounting, watering, and cleaning up of fallen needles, while artificial ones present the opposite. Balsam Hill trees offer you the convenience of an easier setup and upkeep, as you and your family enjoy a beautiful tree all season.

Safer Than Real Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree may cause allergies to some, and its dried needles are also prone to catch fire from open flames or damaged electrical wires. We make our artificial Christmas trees with lights with non-allergenic and flame-retardant materials, ensuring a safe and worry-free Christmas display.

Artificial Trees Offer More Variety

Local tree lots only carry certain Christmas tree sizes, types, and species native to their specific region. As the season draws near, the best Christmas trees run out fast so opting for artificial ones allows you to decorate with a variety of tree kinds, from small artificial Christmas trees to high-ceiling ones, and more.

More Cost-Effective than Real Trees

While real evergreens cost less upfront, investing in an artificial Christmas tree will save you money in the long run. As prices of fresh trees increase, getting an artificial tree is the more practical choice with benefits you can take advantage of for years to come.

Which is the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree?

Balsam Hill’s Most Realistic Christmas Trees are those that resemble fir, spruce, or pine tree species found in nature. We craft our most realistic trees with at least 65% of our patented True Needle® foliage for realism. This technology involves injection-moulded needles to copy the structure, texture, and colour variations of real tree branches.

The BH Fraser Fir® is our most realistic Christmas tree featuring 40 different tip variations, five-split forked tips, and rich green needles with silver undersides. It also has a full shape and an organic treetop for a lifelike silhouette.

Some of our most realistic Christmas trees include the Vermont White Spruce® which features a lush profile and an upward-sloping silhouette, the European Fir® which has spacious gaps between branches to display trimmings, and our well-loved BH Balsam Fir® which features a full, teardrop shape and upward-sloping branches.

When Should You Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Balsam Hill offers the best deals on artificial Christmas trees throughout the year. From post-Christmas clearance to special occasions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can take advantage of several opportunities to get the best price on Christmas trees and décor.

Where Do You Buy Artificial Christmas Trees?

You can buy Christmas trees from Balsam Hill’s website all year round. We also offer exclusive discounts and free delivery for select items. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about our offerings and exclusive decorating tips. If you’re not sure which tree to get, try our branch sample kit so you can compare tree foliage samples before purchasing the best one for you.

Bring joy and beauty to your home with the best artificial Christmas trees from Balsam Hill.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to look for in buying an artificial Christmas tree?

Here are some key things to look for: Size, Shape, Realism, Set-up, Price, and Storage.

What type of artificial Christmas tree is best?

It depends on your personal preferences, budget, and space limitations. Consider factors such as the tree's realism, durability, lighting options, and special features to determine the best fit for your holiday decorating needs.

How long do artificial Christmas trees typically last?

Artificial Christmas trees can last for many years, depending on their quality and how well they are cared for. On average, a good-quality artificial Christmas tree can last for 10 to 15 years or even longer with proper care and storage.

What are the advantages of buying an artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill?

Balsam Hill offers a wide selection of high-quality artificial Christmas trees that are designed to look and feel like real trees. Our trees are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by a limited three-year product warranty.

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