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Christmas Tree Ribbons, Bows & Garlands

Elevate the elegance of your seasonal décor with Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree ribbons. Our tree ribbons are offered in a variety of colours and textures to give you refined accents that reflect your personal style.

What Kind of Christmas Ribbon Should I Use for My Tree?

Choose ribbons that suit your overall decorating theme as well as your ornaments and other tree trimmings. Here are a few ways to match your ribbons with popular Christmas themes:

  • Farmhouse – Complete a rustic decorating theme with a burlap or plaid Christmas tree ribbon garland. Layer two different styles of ribbons to add depth and texture to your display.
  • Classic Silver and Gold – Gilded and glittered ribbons will bring extra sparkle to your metallic decorating theme. Opt for the subtle shimmer of silk or sheer organza ribbons to lend a touch of romance.
  • Nostalgic Cheer – Red and green plaid ribbons work best with traditional Christmas themes. To create a whimsical look, pick a white Christmas tree ribbon with candy cane stripes or patterns depicting classic festive scenes. Meanwhile, velvet ribbons with embroidered details will bring timeless sophistication to your vintage décor.

How Much Ribbon Do You Need for a Christmas Tree?

The amount of ribbon you will need depends on your tree’s height and width as well as your decorating style. Start with 2.7 metres of ribbon per 30.5 centimetres of the tree as a baseline. Then, adjust the length based on your style preference and technique.

  • For a 198-centimetre tree, you will need about 18 metres of ribbon.
  • For a 228-centimetre tree, you will need around 20.5 metres of ribbon.
  • For a 274-centimetre tree, you will need at least 25 metres of ribbon.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbons?

Here are four ways you can use ribbons as garlands for Christmas trees:

  • Wrap and Tuck Style – Loop the ribbon around your tree in a downward spiral. Start at the top then tuck the ribbon deep into the branches as you go. You may secure your ribbon with floral wires or pipe cleaners or use a wired ribbon that can hold its shape.
  • Ribbon Waterfall Technique – From the treetop, shape your wired ribbons into large billows that cascade down the tree. Weave the ribbons in and out of the foliage to create a wave pattern and secure them at intervals to interior branches.
  • Ribbon Ornaments – Use two or more non-wired ribbons and cut them into strips with varying lengths for a layered effect. Tie the ribbons around the top of each Christmas ornament before hanging them up.
  • Ribbon Bow Topper – Create your own tree topper by tying a wide wired ribbon into a bow. Fasten it to the top of your tree using floral wire or pipe cleaners. If you like the look of a Christmas tree with bows, choose Balsam Hill’s pre-tied Christmas tree bows that are easy to attach to your tree, wreaths, or garlands.

How Do You Finish a Christmas Tree Ribbon?

Here are different ways to finish the ends of your tree ribbons without having to cut them:

  • Croissant Twist – For wired ribbons, roll the end tightly around six or seven times then pull down the centre to create a spiral. The ends should mimic the beautiful layers of a croissant.
  • Reverse Roll – For wired ribbons with reversible designs, apply this technique by rolling the end of the ribbon back toward the front of the tree to show off the design underneath.
  • Fish Tail – Cut the ends of your ribbons at an angle or into a fishtail shape for a simple yet charming effect.

Explore different designs of Christmas tree garlands as an alternative to ribbons or to add visual interest. Drape beaded or jewelled garlands around the branches to polish off your centrepiece.

Ribbons can also be used to add a festive touch to décor areas beyond the Christmas tree. Adorn your front door with wired outdoor Christmas ribbon tied into a large bow in place of the usual wreath.

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