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Christmas Tree Ribbons, Bows & Garlands

Our exquisite Christmas tree ribbons and garlands add another layer of elegance to any Christmas tree or wreath.

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Delight guests with refined accents that reflect your personal style. Use Christmas tree ribbons and Christmas tree garlands to bring everything together and elevate the elegance of your décor.

Christmas Tree Ribbons for a Tasteful and Festive Addition

Unravel a season of elegance with Balsam Hill®’s selection of specialty Christmas tree ribbons. Offered in a variety of colours and textures such as intricate cut-outs, velvet, silk, metallic, dupioni, mesh, sinamay, and more, these Christmas tree ribbons are designed to beautifully complement any decorating theme. Layer them to add depth and texture to your Christmas tree trim or fashion some bows to fill gaps between branches.

Balsam Hill®’s Selection of Christmas Tree Ribbons

We offer Christmas tree ribbons in a variety of designs and texture to suit any decorating style. Check our collections below to find the perfect combination of ribbons for your tree.

Gold and Champagne Christmas Tree Ribbon

This collection includes intricate ribbons made by renowned artist Donna Stevens. The Victorian Cutout Champagne Ribbon features an elaborate baroque design in a gorgeous metallic hue, while the Gold Fine Mesh adds a beautiful gilded touch to your tree.

Silver and Platinum Christmas Tree Ribbon

Measuring 910cm in length and 5cm in width, this selection features metallic ribbons ideal for more modern or contemporary decorating themes. Gray velvet, platinum mesh, platinum pleated lame, and white with silver jewels are just some of the ribbons in this stunning collection.

Brown Christmas Tree Ribbon

Perfect for neutral themes, ribbons from this collection add warmth and elegance to your Christmas tree design. Designed by Donna Stevens, the Embroidered Bronze Dupioni Christmas Tree Ribbon features a rich earth colour that lends depth and texture to any tree.

How to Decorate with Christmas Tree Ribbons

Effectively decorating a Christmas tree with ribbons and making it look like a designer tree may look complicated. Balsam Hill® Product Design Consultant Brad Schmidt breaks it down with two techniques: cascading and finishing.

How to Cascade Ribbons:

  1. To anchor down the ribbons, use the PVC tips of your Christmas tree.
  2. To get the exact shape you want, twist and turn the ribbons.
  3. To create visual interest, layer two ribbons with varying widths.

How to Finish the Ribbon:

  1. To get a croissant twist, curl the ribbon at the end about six times and pull down the inner curl.
  2. To get a reverse roll, show off the back of the ribbon by rolling the back towards the front of the tree.
  3. To get decorative cutting, cut the ribbons at an angle or into a fish tail shape.

Beyond the Christmas Décor with Christmas Tree Ribbons & Garlands

The versatility of ribbons and garlands for Christmas trees go beyond adorning Christmas foliage. Drape them over your banister, mantel, windows, mirrors, headboard, and more. Use them to embellish presents for your loved ones. Wrap them around candles, baskets, vases, backs of chairs, or even your mailbox.

Lend a luxurious look to just about anything with premium Christmas tree ribbons and garlands for Christmas trees. Shop Balsam Hill® for finishing touches for your home during the Christmas season and beyond.

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