Our exquisite Christmas tree ribbons add another layer of elegance to any Christmas tree or wreath.
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    Create the perfect designer look for your Christmas tree with ribbon. Beautiful and elegant, our Christmas ribbon for trees can instantly add sophistication to any tree, wreath, or garland.

    Dress it Up

    Christmas ribbons give you endless ways to dress up your tree, whether you want the classic look or prefer a dramatic design to complement and enhance your seasonal décor. Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, Balsam Hill Christmas ribbon for trees feature rich colours, intricate handiwork, and metallic embellishments. From casual to sophisticated, these treasured trimmings accent your Christmas display year after year. Spruce up your Christmas decoration with ribbons that coordinate well with traditional or contemporary decorating themes.

    Layer it On

    Christmas ribbons come in a range of different colours and fabric. This versatility makes Christmas tree ribbons an enticing option for home decoration. Ribbons with wired edges make it easy to create loops or waves. They also hold their form longer than ordinary ribbons. Combining ribbons of different widths emphasizes the contrast of textures and colours to add character to bare spaces. Try using two Christmas ribbons layered together for added dimension and depth. With some practice, you can turn ribbons from simple accents into stunning decorations for your artificial Christmas tree, Christmas foliage, and even Christmas presents. Browse our wide selection of decorative ribbons to choose from.

    Add another layer of elegance to any Christmas tree or foliage with Christmas ribbon and garlands. Shop the collection of Christmas ribbon for trees at Balsam Hill today.

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