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    Ornament Sets
    Display the most stunning ornaments and tree decorations that highlight your holiday style through our wide selection of Christmas ornaments and tree decoration sets.

    Christmas Ornaments

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    Adorn your tree with stunning Christmas ornament sets that suit your style. Balsam Hill® offers ornament sets in a variety of colours and designs to help you create a picture-perfect tree display.

    Christmas Ornament Sets for Every Theme

    No matter what theme you have in mind, youre sure to find the perfect Christmas ornament set from our well-curated selection. These high-quality baubles allow you to dress up your tree for years to come.

    Go for a traditional look with the classic Christmas colours of red, green, and gold. Complete your contemporary theme with a medley of accents in striking metallic finishes. For a rustic display, stock up on ornaments in plaids, earthy tones, and organic textures.

    Balsam Hill®’s exclusively designed ornament sets make your Christmas tree stand out. Set the perfect base for your decorations with essentials like globe-shaped ornaments. For a dramatic effect, mix in embellished decor detailed by hand with glitter, beads, sequins, and crystals. The addition of beloved Christmas figurines such as angels, snowflakes, and Santa Claus give your display a touch of nostalgia.

    Choosing Ornament Sets for Your Tree

    To identify the right number of ornaments for Christmas trees, you must consider your tree’s height and your ideal coverage. You may want a minimalist look with fewer ornaments or a grand display with more layers of accents. Here are our recommendations to help you determine the number of ornament sets that you need:

    • For 205 cm Christmas trees, you need 70 pieces of 10- to 22-cm ornaments for light coverage and 105 pieces for heavy coverage.
    • For 230 cm Christmas trees, you need 105 pieces of 10- to 22- cm ornaments for light coverage and 140 pieces for heavy coverage.
    • For 270 to 300 cm Christmas trees, you need 175 pieces of 10- to 22- cm ornaments for light coverage and 210 pieces for heavy coverage.

    Keep the shape of your tree in mind when shopping for decorations. Full trees require more accessories than narrow ones, especially if you want heavier coverage. They provide more room for layering multiple ornament sets. Meanwhile, sparse trees have widely spaced branches to showcase larger baubles.

    Placing Ornaments for Christmas Trees

    Attach ornaments to your tree the right way through these easy steps:

    • Place ribbons or garlands on your tree before hanging ornaments.
    • Start with your most basic ornaments or the design with the highest number of pieces. Hang them evenly around your tree to lay the foundation for other decorations.
    • Add the rest of your ornaments. Make sure to leave enough space between decorations of the same style. Fill in any empty areas on your tree.

    Once the ornaments are in place, spruce up your tree with picks and sprays that add an enchanting sparkle. Lastly, crown your tree with a beautiful tree topper to tie the look together.

    With Balsam Hill®’s Christmas decorations, it’s easy to create a warm and merry ambience for your home. Browse our wide assortment to find the best ornaments for Christmas trees.

    For more styling tips, read our Know-All Guide to Traditional Christmas Decorating. If you would like to know more about our products and offerings, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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