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    Full Trees
    Our full artificial Christmas trees are a popular choice because of their lush profiles and sturdy branches, perfect for showcasing your ornaments

    Full Shape Artificial Christmas Trees


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    • Under 180 cm (12)
    • 180 - 205 cm (24)
    • 210 - 230 cm (24)
    • 240 - 455 cm (22)
    • Most Realistic (73)
      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
    • Realistic (5)
      Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
    • Traditional (4)
      Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
    Light Type
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    • Candlelight™ Clear LED (41)
      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
    • Colour + Clear™ LED (18)
      Switch from clear LEDs to multicoloured LEDs to both.
    • Fairy Lights & Micro LEDs (2)
      Itty-bitty lights that dazzle and delight.
    • Light Show (5)
    • Unlit (16)
    Easy Setup
    • Flip Trees™ (6)
      Stored upside-down on built-in rolling stand and flips into display
      position in seconds for unmatched ease of setup.
    • Pre-Fluffed™ (11)
      Light connections are made inside the trunk, and memory wire branches reduce the need for manual shaping.
    • Easy Plug™ (65)
      Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
    • under $400 (1)
    • $400 - $499 (5)
    • $500 - $599 (6)
    • Over $600 (70)
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    Bring the splendour of nature into your home with Balsam Hill®’s full artificial Christmas trees. Our full Christmas tree collection offers lush profiles, perfect for displaying your baubles and other decorations. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a Balsam Hill® full-shaped tree and why it’s the epitome of the classic Christmas centrepiece.

    A Timeless Look that’s True to Nature

    Create a beautiful backdrop for your family traditions and celebrations with Balsam Hill®’s full size artificial Christmas trees. Designed with classic conical silhouettes, our extra full Christmas trees are well-loved for their traditional shapes. They embody the look of real farm-grown trees, without the necessary upkeep such as sap, shedding needles, and the need for watering.

    A Stunning Christmas Spectacle

    Lend elegance to your festivities with full artificial Christmas trees gracing your entryway, living room, dining hall, and even your outdoor spaces. Full size artificial Christmas trees can also be used to decorate halls, ballrooms, lobbies, and large, open spaces. A full Christmas tree’s dense profile and richly coloured branches make it the ideal canvas for your exquisite display.

    Perfect for Showcasing Décor

    Bring the joy and spirit of the season into your space with a well-dressed, extra full Christmas tree. Our full size artificial Christmas trees offer plenty of space to display your favourite ornaments and tree decorations. Pick a decorating theme and go all out with the trimmings from handcrafted glass baubles to exquisite ribbons, tree picks and garlands, a lavish tree skirt, and a stunning tree topper. Select models have a matching wreath and garland, made from the same True Needle® technology as that of our most realistic artificial Christmas trees.

    Easy to Set Up and Take Down

    Most Balsam Hill® full size artificial Christmas trees are equipped with easy setup technologies for hassle-free assembly and dismantling. Reduce set up time even more with our Pre-Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen™ artificial Christmas trees. These trees are designed with professionally shaped memory wire branches that fan out upon unboxing. For added convenience, pre-lit full Christmas trees feature our Easy Plug® technology. This means that pre-strung lights are connected to the patented trunk design so lighting up the tree is as easy as plugging it into a wall socket.

    A Variety of Lighting Options

    Make the holidays extra merry and bright with a pre-lit, extra full Christmas tree from Balsam Hill®. These are offered with energy-efficient Clear LED lights for a candle-like glow, Multicoloured LED lights for festive jewel tones, or our exclusive LED Colour + Clear™ technology which allows you to switch between the two. We also offer LED Fairy Lights to dazzle and delight family and friends.

    Create stunning Christmas displays for your loved ones to enjoy with Balsam Hill®’s full artificial Christmas trees. Complete your decorating set with our wide selection of Christmas tree ornaments, accessories, and holiday home décor.

    For more information on our products, visit the Resource Centre to read our extensive Buyer’s Guides.

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