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    Storage bags and Accessories
    Our heavy-duty storage bags and accessories protect your most treasured Christmas tree and holiday decorations.

    Christmas Tree Storage Bags & Accessories

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    Maintain the beauty of your Christmas tree, foliage, and decorations with proper safekeeping. Choose from our selection of Christmas tree storage bags and ornament containers to make sure your Christmas decorations are in tip-top shape for years to come.

    Christmas Tree Storage Bags Designed for Your Convenience

    Keep your artificial Christmas tree tidily tucked away and safe from dust and damage during the off-season. Balsam Hill®’s Christmas Tree Storage Bags are made with heavy-duty, spacious interiors and come with durable zippers. They are available in various sizes to accommodate your slim, narrow, or full-shaped Christmas trees. Their durable handles make it easy for you to transport your tree from one area of your home to another.

    Simplify your storage process with our innovative Rolling Christmas tree storage bag. After removing decorations from your tree, simply detach the treetop section to place in a special compartment, then pull up the collapsible rolling storage bag to pack up the tree.

    Storage Bags and Boxes for Your Greenery

    Aside from artificial Christmas tree storage boxes and bags, we also offer greenery boxes and chests. Keep your wreaths, garlands, and swags in pristine condition by safely stowing them in our high-quality storage containers. You can organize your foliage together with small ornaments to save storage space. These also make decorating for next Christmas easy and more efficient.

    Storage Options for Your Ornaments and Accents

    House fragile glass balls, finials, and other precious Christmas décor securely in chests and drawers with individual compartments. Preserve the delicate details of your tree picks, ribbons, beaded garlands, and other accents, too. Our Christmas storage solutions come with removable trays and dividers that make sorting much easier. They let you organize according to colour, size, or theme and require minimal assembly for your convenience.

    Storage Tips for Artificial Christmas Trees and Greenery

    Protecting your artificial tree and Christmas decorations go beyond using proper tree storage bags or boxes. Below are more tips to maintain the beauty of your faux evergreens:

    • Sun exposure, temperature, and humidity may affect the look of your tree and other greenery. So, avoid putting them up and storing them under direct sunlight. Keep your artificial Christmas tree storage box and ornament bags in a room that’s cool and dry. 
    • While on display, dust your faux foliage every week or biweekly. Use a soft, dry cloth or a fabric duster. Avoid using water and chemical cleansers, which may damage the needles. Similarly, clean and polish your ornaments and trimmings with dry cloth. Use a small paintbrush to remove dust from the fine details of ornaments.
    • Never clean pre-lit Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands with liquids to avoid accidentally damaging the lights. Inspect the bulbs before you place them in storage and stow away decorations in tree storage bags. 
    • Make sure not to cram a lot of decorations in one ornament bag or artificial Christmas tree storage box. It’s best to use containers with compartments when storing more than one item together. You can also find cardboard dividers, clean plastic cups, apple trays, or egg cartons to store ornaments separately. 
    • Protect glass ornaments and other fragile items with bubble wrap, acid-free tissue paper, or plastic foam. You can also repurpose used gift wrappers and shredded paper as cushions for fragile items.

    Browse our collection of heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bags and ornament storage boxes. Visit Balsam Hill® today for more seasonal accessories and accents.

    If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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