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Christmas Tree Picks & Sprays

Adorn your Christmas tree, wreath, and garland with our Christmas tree picks for a unique decorative accent.

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Christmas tree picks and sprays add a unique touch to your home display. Choose from Balsam Hill's selection of handcrafted picks and sprays to complement the rest of your décor.

What Are Christmas Picks and Sprays?

Picks and sprays are decorative accents usually comprised of a bendable stem and faux florals, berries, or leaves. These may be made with wire, polyester, plastic, beads, and glitter. Offered in various designs, they add instant texture and flair to any display.

How Do You Use Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays?

There are many ways to decorate with these versatile accessories. We've listed some of our favourite ideas below for you to explore.

  • Christmas tree decorations

Picks and sprays are traditionally nestled in between tree branches to fill in gaps. They complement most Christmas ornaments and enhance the overall look of your tree.

  • Wreaths and garlands

Decorate greenery with picks to match your theme, and layer festive ribbons and lights. You can easily remove them and create a different look for the next season.

  • Tree topper

Using sprays for Christmas tree toppers is a creative way to crown your tree. Simply gather a few decorative sprays and secure them with ribbon or wire. Make sure that there is enough space between the end of your DIY tree topper and the ceiling.

  • Stocking accent

Make each Christmas stocking special by decorating it with picks. Choose designs that suit each family member's personality, such as pinecones and leaves for the nature-lover or berry picks and flowers for the green thumb.

  • Gift wrapper

Tuck in a stem beneath your Christmas ribbon to give presents an elegant touch. This also allows you to coordinate gifts with your tree décor.

  • Table centrepiece

Arrange floral Christmas picks inside a clear vase to give your tablescape or mantel a modern twist. Combine various types of picks to create unique bouquets for each space.

Which Picks and Sprays Should I Use for My Christmas Tree?

If you have a full Christmas tree, opt for Christmas tree sprays and picks measuring 38 to 50 centimetres long. A full-shaped tree gives you a lot of space to layer multiple decorations. Meanwhile, sparse trees are perfect for showcasing large picks and sprays. Be bold with oversized floral and foliage Christmas tree picks.

Consider your theme and colour scheme when choosing your decorations. Red, white, and silver magnolia tree picks add sophistication to your tree, wreaths, or garlands. Create an enchanting metallic display with glittery Christmas tree sprays or picks with elegant crystal accents. For a rustic look, choose nature-inspired décor pieces, like leaves and pinecones. If you're going for a non-traditional theme, experiment with creative picks like faux lollipops, gingerbread, and peppermints to decorate your Christmas tree.

Visit the Balsam Hill website today and browse our full collection of Christmas decorations and realistic artificial trees. To get updates on our latest products and exclusive offers, subscribe to our mailing list. Discover other ways to dress up your tree with our décor guide.

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