These best-selling artificial Christmas trees have been most popular with Balsam Hill customers.
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    • Under 180 cm (14)
    • 180 - 205 cm (13)
    • 210 - 230 cm (12)
    • 240 - 365 cm (18)
    • Most Realistic (47)
      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
    • Traditional (10)
      Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
    Light Type
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    • Candlelight™ Clear LED (27)
      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
    • Multicolour LED (3)
    • Colour + Clear™ LED (6)
      Switch from clear LEDs to multicoloured LEDs to both.
    • Unlit (21)
    Easy Setup
    • Easy Plug™ (30)
      Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
    Tree Shape
    • Full
    • Narrow
    • Slim
    Decoration Options
    • Undecorated (57)
      Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
    • under $400 (3)
    • $400 - $499 (6)
    • $500 - $599 (6)
    • Over $600 (42)
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    Bring the magic of the season into your home with our best-selling artificial Christmas trees. Designed to showcase exceptional realism, our lifelike trees add festive elegance to any space.

    Keep the Christmas Tradition Alive

    Set the scene for joyous gatherings with realistic artificial Christmas trees. Our premium trees are designed to look and feel like the real Christmas trees you grew up with. Balsam Hill’s exclusive True Needle™ foliage is modeled after real evergreen branches to beautifully replicate nature’s design.

    Browse the variety of tree shapes and foliage types to find the best Christmas tree for your home. Our lifelike foliage allows you to create the perfect backdrop for cherished Christmas ornaments and decorations.

    Aside from their realism, our best artificial Christmas trees are well-loved for many reasons. Faux trees don’t need watering or constant clean-up. Artificial foliage is also a good option for those with allergies and pets. They are easy to assemble, and don’t need frequent maintenance after they’re set up.

    Fill Every Room with Cheer

    Our best-selling Christmas trees come in a variety of profiles and heights to suit any space, big or small. A classic full tree such as the BH Fraser Fir has lush, verdant foliage which makes it similar to a farm-grown tree. It has the full profile of a natural Christmas tree and is suitable for display in spacious areas such as living rooms and foyers.

    A narrow tree such as the Norway Spruce has a smaller footprint compared to a full-shaped tree. It has the same abundant foliage but a narrower profile, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Another option is a slim tree such as the Silverado Slim, which has the slimmer profile suitable for tight spaces.

    Christmas Decorating Made Easy

    Setting up your Balsam Hill tree is easy with convenient features for assembly and lighting. Pre-lit trees have professionally hand-strung lights to ensure an optimal warm glow throughout. The Easy Plug™ features connects lights to the trunk so you can light up your tree with a single plug.

    To reduce set-up time, choose a Flip Tree™. Simply roll the tree base into place, flip it up, attach the treetop, and it’s ready for your decorations. Trees with Pre-fluffed™ memory wire branches that instantly fan out also make for quicker assembly.

    Spread festive cheer and make Christmas more memorable. Create your centerpiece with our best-selling artificial Christmas trees. Shop Balsam Hill today.

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