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Christmas Trees with Twinkly® App Controlled Lights

Treat guests to an enchanting Christmas light show with Balsam Hill®’s Twinkly® app-controlled Christmas trees. Choose from pre-set effects or create custom animations using only your smartphone.

What is the Twinkly® App-Controlled Christmas Tree?

Twinkly® is an innovative lighting technology that can be controlled with a mobile app. It is available as individual light strings or as built-in lights for select Balsam Hill® Christmas trees. Transform your LED Christmas trees with app controls that allow you to map the colour, speed, and effect of every single light bulb. For a stunning show, play around with pre-programmed options or make the festive colours dance to the beat of Christmas tunes.

How Do You Set Up Twinkly® Lights?

Put on a show-stopping Twinkly® light display with just a few taps on your phone. To start, download the Twinkly® app from the App Store or Google Play. Then, complete the configuration to connect to your tree. Once it’s connected, draw your desired effect and choose from static or animated light modes. You’ll see a real-time preview of the design on your Twinkly® tree. Finally, tap the “Apply” button to save and play the effect.

To activate the lights without a mobile app, push the button on the controller box near the base of your tree then press the button repeatedly to switch between five built-in modes.

Are Twinkly® Christmas Trees Worth it?

With Twinkly® app-controlled lights, you’ll have endless ways to refresh the look of your Christmas tree. Customisable lights allow you to experiment with different decorating themes or change your tree’s style to match your mood. Aside from versatility, here are other features that make Twinkly® trees worth the investment:

  • Easy Plug® – Twinkly® Christmas trees have built-in Easy Plug® technology for a quick and hassle-free setup. Light strings are pre-connected inside the trunk, so you only need a single plug to illuminate your tree.
  • Smart controls – Manage lights using the mobile app or enable voice command through Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Connect your tree’s Twinkly® app lights with other Twinkly® devices for a dazzling synchronised light show.
  • RGB LED lights – These light bulbs produce minimal heat and require less energy than traditional incandescent lights. LED bulbs also tend to last longer and offer a wider range of colours.
  • Premium tree stand – The durable stand comes with scratch-proof rubber feet to protect your floors.

Your stunning centrepiece won’t be complete without the perfect Christmas tree decorations. Complement your Twinkly® tree’s bright and colourful lights with basic globe Christmas ornaments in neutral hues. For a dramatic effect, choose glass or metallic tree baubles that reflect the brilliant glow of lights. Give your display a polished look with one of our tree skirts and collars.

Bring the magical show to the rest of your home with Twinly light strings. Outdoor-safe Twinkly® lights are ideal for exterior decorating spaces. Drape them over porch railings or add the strands to your outdoor Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Create lasting memories as you gather around a Twinkly® Christmas tree with app-controlled lights. Learn everything you need to know about different Christmas tree lights through our guide.