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    Our gorgeous Christmas tree skirts are the perfect backdrop for your Christmas gift-giving traditions.

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    Balsam Hill®’s Christmas tree skirts are essential to elegant tree decorating. Our heirloom-quality Christmas tree skirts are popular accessories that add flair and polish to your beloved tree.

    History of Christmas Tree Skirts

    Its believed that the use of Christmas skirts for trees originated in Germany, where the tradition of Christmas tree decorating started. In the early days, people decorated real Christmas trees with actual lit candles. They placed a mat underneath their tree to catch candle wax drippings and fallen tree needles. These mats, made of simple and plain materials, were more utilitarian than decorative.

    As Christmas tree stands grew more popular in the late 1800s, the mats evolved into the more modern tree skirts we’re familiar with. The main purpose of Christmas skirts for trees was to hide unsightly tree stands. However, they became more decorative as families began to embroider and embellish tree skirts to match their Christmas décor.

    At the time when gifts were hung on the tree and taken down on Christmas Eve, Christmas tree skirts also made perfect spots to set up miniature nativity scenes or Christmas villages. The gift-giving tradition has since changed as more families place gifts under their trees throughout the festive season. Today, a Christmas tree skirt also serves as an elegant backdrop for presents underneath the Christmas tree.

    Exclusive Styles of Christmas Tree Skirts

    Balsam Hill® offers a full assortment of Christmas tree skirts to suit your artificial Christmas tree. For the perfect fit, choose a tree skirt with a diameter of at least 15 centimetres more than the full width of your tree. Our tree skirts are available in the following sizes:

    • 120-centimetre tree skirts best fit Christmas trees with widths up to 105 centimetres
    • 150-centimetre tree skirts best fit Christmas trees with widths up to 135 centimetres
    • 180-centimetre tree skirts best fit Christmas trees with widths up to 165 centimetres

    We carry carefully selected designs crafted with quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. Our tree skirts come in solid neutral and rich colours to complement a variety of decorating themes. Choose from various textures and styles, from simple quilted patterns to intricate embroidery.

    Faux fur tree skirts are among our best-selling designs. The luxurious style lends a warm, rustic look to your Christmas tree. Consider our exclusive Lodge Faux Fur tree skirt, which is offered in several hues. Its soft coat and exquisite colours provide a cosy home for your presents.

    For a dramatic effect, opt for embroidered tree skirts that bring beautiful detail to your Christmas décor. Our quilted tree skirts feature a timeless quilting pattern on plush fabric for understated elegance.

    A Christmas tree skirt completes your display and sets the stage for gift-giving traditions. Browse our wide range of Christmas tree skirts and find the right match for your chosen theme. For a stylish alternative to a tree skirt, see our assortment of Christmas tree stands and tree collars. Shop Balsam Hill®’s exclusive Christmas décor to spread festive cheer throughout your home.

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