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Traditional Christmas Décor

Create a festive backdrop for gatherings with traditional Christmas decorations. Make your celebrations merry and bright with classic ornaments in red, green, gold, and white. Spread cheer with iconic characters and symbols such as Santa Claus, reindeer, and angels.

What Is a Traditional Christmas Theme?

The traditional décor theme celebrates everything that makes the season comforting. It takes you on a nostalgic journey to the festive days of your past while creating new memories for the future. With red and green furnishings and Santa accents, classic Christmas decorations are timeless and never go out of style.

Decorate your home by placing life-size ornaments on your lawn and hanging Christmas wreaths in entryways. For a rustic look, embellish the decorations with velvet ribbons, holly, and pinecones. Bring the festive spirit indoors by decorating bannisters and columns with matching garlands.

Embrace timeless elegance with snow globes on your mantel. Hang greenery over your fireplace or add a beautiful swag to your dining table to create a stunning focal point. You can also use an Advent calendar of a classic Christmas village or Santa’s workshop to start engaging conversations with guests.

How Do You Decorate a Traditional Christmas Tree?

Follow the steps below to give your tree a classic festive look:

  1. Shape Your Tree – Fluff your tree upon unboxing to make it look fuller and lifelike before adorning it with trimmings.
  2. Gather Your Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations – Choose ornaments in shades of red and green, then balance the colour scheme with pops of white and gold. You can also add poinsettia flower picks and pinecones as accents.
  3. String the Lights – If you don’t have a pre-lit tree, start from the bottom of the tree, and work your way up. Weave the lights in and out of the branches as you go. Once you reach the top, plug in the lights, and check your work. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the tree looks as beautiful as possible.
  4. Dress Up Your Tree With Ornaments – Hang larger decorations near the faux trunk, then add smaller ones near the tips of the branches to create depth. Another idea is to cluster ornament set pieces together for visual interest. You can also add flair by layering two ribbons that follow your classic colour palette.
  5. Finish It off With a Tree Topper and Tree Skirt – Polish your design with a star tree topper and a classic velvet skirt to create a perfect backdrop for presents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the History of Traditional Christmas Decorations?

Incorporating evergreens in celebrations existed long before the rise of Christianity. In fact, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees originated in Germany in the 16th century, while other accents, such as holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias, also hold historical and cultural significance.

What Are Some Traditional Christmas Decorations?

Common traditional Christmas décor include trees, lights, wreaths, garlands, and ornaments. In Australia, people also incorporate local greenery and summer-themed elements.

Are There Other Colours or Themes Common in Traditional Christmas Décor?

In Australia, blues, silvers, and whites are often incorporated into Christmas decorations, reflecting the colours of the summer sky and beaches. Decorations may feature ocean life, native animals, and bushland motifs alongside the traditional red, green, and gold.

Fill your home with the comfort that traditional décor brings year after year. For more decorating tips, visit our Resource Centre.

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