Crown your beloved Balsam Hill Christmas tree with these beautiful tree toppers.

    Christmas Tree Toppers & Finials

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    Crowning the Christmas tree with a decorative tree topper is a Yuletide tradition for many families. A Christmas tree topper is the perfect finishing touch to complete any Christmas tree display. Balsam Hill presents a selection of premium tree toppers so you can find the right one to suit your decorating theme or style.

    Popular Christmas Tree Toppers

    • Angel tree toppers are crafted by seasoned artisans in exquisite detail. These elegant figurines are dressed in richly coloured robes made with luxurious materials. Their conical base fits the shape of most treetops.
    • Star tree toppers range from the classic 5-point star to more elaborate and unique designs. Our tree toppers are handcrafted with premium materials such as resin, wood, glass, metal, and capiz shells. They’re usually fitted with a mounting pole base.
    • Bouquet tree toppers are arrangements composed of nature-inspired elements such as faux flowers, berries, leaves, assorted foliage, and sometimes decorated with sparkly details for an enchanting effect.
    • Christmas figure tree toppers feature well-loved characters like Father Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as festive accents for your Christmas tree.
    • Oversized bow tree toppers are made of decorative fabric or ribbons artfully arranged to make a stylish statement on top of your Christmas centrepiece.
    • Finial tree toppers are elongated, finial-shaped toppers that add an elegant polish to decorated Christmas trees.

    How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree Topper

    • Take note of your ceiling height. The rule of thumb when choosing a tree topper is that its tip should have a distance of at least 15 centimetres from the ceiling. To make sure you get a perfectly sized topper, first measure the distance between the top of your tree and the ceiling. Subtract 15 centimetres from that measurement. The difference is the maximum height of tree topper you should get.
    • Determine your decorating theme. Let the overall theme of your Christmas tree guide you in choosing a complementary tree topper. Traditional decorating themes go well with classic tree toppers such as angels, stars, or Christmas figures. Contemporary themes usually look best with tree toppers that have sleek, modern designs.
    • Consider the height and profile of your Christmas tree. A small tree topper is ideal for trees 180 to 210 centimetres tall, while a large one suits 210-centimetre trees and up. The shape and size of your tree topper should complement the silhouette of your Christmas tree, not distract from it. Full trees look best with a star, angel, bouquet, or bow. Choose finial Christmas tree toppers or elongated toppers for trees with slimmer profiles.
    • Check the weight of the topper. Lightweight Christmas tree toppers are usually made of paper, plastic, fabric, or fabric composites. Heavier toppers are made from metal, glass, or shells and may bend the branches of your tree top. Secure them with zip ties or use a tree topper extension kit for added support.

    A well-chosen Christmas tree topper will pull the whole look of your decorated tree together. Complete your decorating set with Balsam Hill’s wide assortment of Christmas collectibles and premium home décor.

    For any questions or concerns, our Customer Service Team is always ready to assist you. Learn more about Christmas tree decorations in our guide.

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