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    Unlit Trees
    With sturdy branches and realistic needles, our unlit Christmas trees are a beautiful blank canvas for your favorite Christmas lights and decorations.

    Unlit Christmas Trees


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    Celebrate time-honoured traditions with a classic unlit artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill®.

    Unlit Christmas trees bring understated elegance to any space. Treat them as a canvas and transform them with your favourite ornaments and trim. Fluff the branches to your desired fullness for a beautiful Christmas centrepiece. 

    Types of Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees Based on Realism

    Our most realistic unlit Christmas trees feature branch tips moulded from live tree cuttings. With our True Needle® technology, we’re able to replicate the colours, structures, and textures of your favourite trees in nature, down to the last detail. Alternatively, we have more affordable varieties with realistic and traditional foliage. Realistic foliage is composed of a combination of True Needle® PE tips and classic PVC needles, while traditional foliage is made from 100% classic PVC needles.

    Shapes and Sizes of Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

    Choose from different silhouettes and heights to match your decorating needs. Make sure the tree fits the space you’re decorating. Leave at least 15 cm of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling, and more if you’re planning to use a tall tree topper. 

    Remember to account for the width of the tree, too. Full Christmas trees take the shape of traditional evergreens like the majestic fir and pine. This silhouette works best for areas with plenty of space. 180 to 230 cm unlit Christmas trees are ideal for spacious homes with standard ceiling heights. Taller varieties ranging from 240 to 365 cm are ideal for larger spaces with vaulted ceilings.

    If you’re looking to decorate smaller spaces or tight corners, choose our narrow and slim unlit Christmas trees.

    Decorating Tips for Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

    Beautiful whether decked out or left bare, unlit trees suit any style. Here are a couple of tips when shopping for tree decorations:

    • How many ornaments do you need for your artificial tree?

    The number of ornaments depends on your theme and other preferences. There’s no exact number or rule for this. But, to give you an idea, a 230 cm or 7.5 ft unlit Christmas tree needs around 70 to 105 pieces of standard-sized ornaments (10 to 22 cm) for even coverage. A 270 cm or 9ft unlit Christmas tree, on the other hand, needs around 105 to 140 ornaments. You may need more for a full tree and fewer for slim unlit Christmas trees. 

    • How many lights do you need for your unlit Christmas tree? 

    Like ornaments, the number of lights you need depends on the height and shape of your tree. As an example, a 230 cm or 7.5 ft unlit Christmas tree may need around 450 to 1,350 light bulbs. Meanwhile, a 300 cm or 10 ft unlit Christmas tree may need around 800 to 2,400 light bulbs. Slim unlit Christmas trees usually call for fewer light strings compared to fuller trees of the same height. If you want to create enchanting brightness, add more lights, or use reflective ornaments and tree garlands.

    Make this festive season more magical and memorable with Balsam Hill®’s gorgeous unlit artificial Christmas trees. Complete your decorating set with our assortment of Christmas ornaments, outdoor decor, and more.

    Visit our Resource Centre for comprehensive guides to help you find the perfect Christmas tree and decorations for your home. For any questions or concerns on our products, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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