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Christmas Tree Stands & Collars

Keep your Christmas tree standing tall year after year with a stylish and stable base. Balsam Hill®’s collection of artificial Christmas tree stands and tree collars gives you many options to choose from for your Christmas centrepiece.

Christmas Tree Stands for Easy Decorating

Enjoy a hassle-free Christmas season with a Christmas tree stand that keeps your tree secure. A Christmas tree stand ensures your tree stays upright while you hang baubles or string lights. For added convenience, opt for a rolling tree stand that allows you to move your tree into position with ease. Lock the wheels once the tree is in place to provide a steady foundation. Its innovative design also lets you roll your tree into storage when the season is over, minimizing the need for heavy lifting. To combine style with function, some tree stands feature accents such as natural elements, faux fur, and glitter. These help you create a unified decorating theme while supporting the weight of your tree. Replace your standard base with a Christmas tree stand as a unique decorative touch.

Christmas Tree Collars to Complete Your Christmas Theme

Go beyond heavy-duty support with elegant Christmas tree collars. These offer a modern alternative to traditional tree skirts and provide more coverage to hide tree stands. Conical in shape, Christmas tree collars are usually made of metal, wood, or natural fibres. They feature detachable parts that wrap around the tree stand for easy setup and storage. Christmas tree collars come in a variety of designs to suit your chosen theme. Make a statement with metallic tree collars that add brilliant pops of colour to your décor. Choose a handwoven collar made of plant fibres to serve as a rustic textured backdrop for presents under the tree. Meanwhile, the neutral tones of faux fur collars create a pleasing contrast to classic Christmas palettes.

The Perfect Fit of Christmas Tree Stand and Collar

When shopping for a Christmas tree stand or collar, it’s important to check its measurements versus those of your tree. Make sure the tree stand you are eyeing accommodates the diameter of your tree pole, as well as any special features of the base. Note that Christmas tree stands add height to your tree, which could affect the amount of vertical space you’ll need.

Before buying a Christmas tree collar, check if it’s compatible with your tree’s height and pole diameter. Our small collars suit trees below 205 centimetres, while large collars are ideal for Christmas trees over 210 centimetres tall.

Balsam Hill®'s artificial Christmas trees come with basic replacement parts. However, you can order extras as needed to maintain a sturdy tree for seasons to come. We offer supplementary Flip Tree™ wheels, hinge pins, tree stand keys, and rubber feet, among other spare accessories, for your upkeep kit.

Complete your Christmas centrepiece with thoughtfully designed Christmas tree stands and collars. Browse the Balsam Hill® website today to find the perfect Christmas decorations and other seasonal accents for your home. For more Christmas styling tips, read our ultimate Christmas decorating guide.