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305 cm Artificial Christmas Garlands

Balsam Hill®’s artificial Christmas garlands are elongated arrangements of greenery usually embellished with festive details and colours. You may also enjoy them undecorated if you admire the simple charm of evergreens.

Balsam Hill® offers 180 to 305cm Christmas garlands which you can connect to create a longer garland and cover the spaces you want to decorate. In this size range, a 305cm pre-lit Christmas garland is a popular choice for adorning doorways, mantelpieces, and tabletops. Learn more about how you can use them to dress up your home.

Here are the best places to decorate with 305cm Christmas Garlands:

  • Doors – Garlands are a staple Christmas door decoration. Balsam Hill®’s 305cm artificial garlands are ideal for decorating standard-sized doors measuring 75 to 90cm wide. This garland length allows for about 110cm of garland on the two sides of your door. If you want a longer garland that extends to the bottom of your door, connect several together. Balsam Hill® offers shorter 180cm Christmas garlands so you can customise your desired length for a perfect fit.
  • Entryways – Breathe life into your foyer, archways, and entrance pillars by draping them with a 305cm Christmas garland with lights. If you wish to hang it in a line or drape several along the wall, use 45 to 60cm of garland for every 30cm of draping space. If you’re wrapping garland around a pillar, measure the height of the pillar first and use twice as much length of foliage as the height of the object.
  • Mantels – Garlands are usually placed on the mantel shelf but will also look great when hung on the overmantel or used to frame a mirror or artwork. For flat surfaces like these, the rule of thumb is to allot 60cm on each end to hang off the edge beautifully.
  • Staircase Banister or Fence – Spruce up staircases and fences around your home by layering different kinds of garlands. For instance, you can use a simple, undecorated garland as the first layer, then add a vibrant decorated Christmas garland for visual interest. This will add depth and impact to your display.
  • Windows – Make your interiors merry and bright by adorning your window frames with 305cm Christmas garlands with lights. Elevate the look by placing a matching Christmas wreath in the middle.
  • Bedroom – Create a cosy place of retreat with Christmas garlands. Hang one on the wall above your bed or let it drape naturally over the headboard. Enjoy the enchanting lights all aglow at night.
  • Long Tables or Sideboards – Transform your dining table into an elegant and inviting tablescape by using a Christmas garland as your centrepiece. 305cm artificial garlands are ideal for standard table lengths of 150 to 180cm long, seating six people. This allows for about 60cm of garland to fall naturally from each end of the table.

Bring Christmas cheer into your home with Balsam Hill®’s 305cm Christmas garlands. Complete your display with matching Christmas wreaths and Christmas decorations.

Let us help you find the perfect garland with our Ultimate Guide to Artificial Greenery. For more tips and tricks on how to effortlessly decorate your home, visit our Resource Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of 305-cm artificial Christmas garlands?

305-cm artificial Christmas garlands create a dramatic look with their length, allowing them to cover larger spaces. They’re also versatile enough to be draped along banisters, wrapped around columns or poles, hung along walls, or used as a centrepiece on a long table.

What are the most popular colour families of artificial Christmas garlands?

The most common colour families for Christmas garlands include traditional colours like red, green, and gold, while modern combinations with metallic shades, winter-inspired hues, and multicolour options are also becoming popular.

What types of 305-cm artificial Christmas garlands are available?

From traditional undecorated evergreens to pre-lit and pre-decorated designs, you can find the perfect garland to fit any theme at Balsam Hill.

How easy is it to install a 305-cm artificial Christmas garlands?

You can easily drape garlands on a mantel or any flat surface as decoration. Some also come pre-lit with lights so you can just hang them right out of the box. If you’re hanging them from the ceiling, stairs, or door frame, use hooks or garland ties to secure them.