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Assembly, Use and Care



My whole tree does not light up. What should I do?

First, ensure that the power cord is correctly plugged into a wall socket. Next, check your tree's on/off foot pedal and confirm that it is in the "on" position. Finally, make sure the each light section is plugged securely into the sockets located along the center pole of the tree.

The power cord is correctly plugged into the wall socket, the on/off pedal is on, each light section is plugged in the sockets and my tree still won't light up. What should I do next?

See how to find a blown fuse here.

A section of my tree does not light up. Do I need to replace all of the lights?

No. First, make sure that the light section is properly plugged into the appropriate socket at the center pole of the tree. If the section is plugged in correctly, the issue may be a blown fuse. See how to find a blown fuse here.

The unlit section of my tree is plugged in the correct socket and there don’t seem to be any blown fuses in the power cord. What else can cause this issue?

An individual bulb might be causing the problem. Check the unlit section of the light for broken or missing bulbs. Replace missing or broken bulbs using the included replacement bulbs or contact customer service to purchase additional replacement bulbs.

The unlit section of my tree is plugged in the correct socket, there doesn’t seem to be any blown fuse in the power cord, and there are no missing or broken bulbs. What should I do?

A misaligned bulb may also affect a section lighting up properly. Check that each bulb is properly aligned in the socket by gently nudging each bulb in different directions, or by pressing the bulb more firmly into its socket. The unlit section should light up when you nudge the bulb into its proper position in the socket.

For models with the Easy Plug™ feature:

I’ve checked the power cord, bulbs, and fuses, but the unlit section is still not working. What else can I do?

If an entire tree section isn't lighting properly, try gently rotating the unlit section and the one beneath it, so they are nestled more firmly together.

If rotating the sections doesn't work, you may also try switching out the sections to quickly determine the faulty connection. Here's an example: Section 2 of a three-section tree isn't lighting. We recommend removing Section 2 and plugging in Section 3 to Section 1 (base). If Section 3 lights up, then it's likely that Section 2 is faulty. If Section 3 doesn't light up, then there may be an issue with the connector piece of Section 1. Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.


What can cause light bulbs to burn out?

If the bulb's case is not sealed well, air can react with the tungsten or inert gasses inside the case, which can cause the bulb's filament to break. High temperature, unstable power supply, and spikes in electricity can also cause the filament to overheat and the bulb to burn out.

Can I prevent my light bulbs from ever burning out?

No, but there are ways to increase the lifespan of your string light bulbs. Keep your light bulbs away from direct heat and sunlight. It is also important to change a broken bulb as soon as you find one, as leaving a light broken will impact the lifespan of the remaining working bulbs and cause them to burn out faster.


What should I do if a branch comes loose from the center pole?

Replacing a hinge pin is a simple and quick process. Place the loose branch back on the hinge bracket and insert a replacement hinge pin (included in the Replacement Kit that came with your tree) through the bracket. Then, secure the hinge pin with a retainer washer (also included) over the end of the hinge pin.


My tree is wobbly or leans to one side. What should I do?

Make sure that the tree stand is set up properly and all sections are assembled securely.

This short video shows how to correctly set up your tree stand.

If the tree stand is damaged or missing a part, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.


My tree still doesn’t look full even after it’s been shaped. How do I fix this?

It is important to shape the tree's branches correctly to achieve a full look. This may require taking the time to go through your tree section by section and fixing any improperly shaped branches to achieve more fullness. For more detailed advice on how to fix improperly shaped branches, Balsam Hill™ designer Dagmar Obert offers some suggestions in the following video.

Can I restring my entire tree with replacement Christmas lights?

Yes, you can remove the old lights from your tree and replace them with a new string of lights. For complete step-by- step instructions, you can visit this video on How to restring lights on a Balsam Hill Tree. Please note that altering the lights may void the tree's warranty.