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Artificial Tabletop Trees

Spruce up small spaces with beautiful tabletop Christmas trees. Balsam Hill’s assortment of compact yet elegant artificial trees make excellent decorations for various corners in your home.

Maximize Your Space with Tabletop Christmas Trees

Achieve a complete Christmas look even in small areas with tabletop artificial Christmas trees. We craft each tabletop tree with the same attention to detail as our traditional full-sized trees. Some of our tabletop Christmas trees also feature the same highly realistic foliage as their larger counterparts. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while saving up on space. Pair your full-sized tree with its charming miniature version for a coordinated setup.

If you prefer a modern look, choose tabletop Christmas trees with a more contemporary design. Balsam Hill offers miniature trees made with non-traditional materials such as glass and resin to meet different styling needs. Some pieces showcase dustings of gold or glitter, adding a sleek finishing touch to your Christmas décor.

To make a bigger impact, place multiple tabletop trees of varying heights together. We have compact trees that come in sets of two or three to help you create a visually interesting display. Whether used alone or in sets, decorative trees instantly brighten up indoor areas such as mantels, tables, sideboards, and even kitchen counters.

Aside from your home, small trees also open ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive in limited spaces like office cubicles, staircase landings, and tight corners.

Add a Festive Sparkle with Pre-lit Tabletop Christmas Trees

We offer tabletop Christmas trees pre-lit with energy-efficient clear LED lights, just like their full-sized counterparts. These lend a warm, inviting glow to any corner or surface of your home. Our pre-lit tabletop Christmas trees are professionally hand-strung to provide optimal coverage while reducing the appearance of wires.As an extra feature, certain pre-lit tabletop Christmas trees come with a built-in timer that stays on for 8 hours and automatically shuts off for 16 hours. This lets you leave the lights on without having to think about switching them off later.

Go for our unlit tabletop artificial Christmas trees if you wish to hang your own light strings. When choosing a tabletop Christmas tree for ornaments, select pieces such as our Alpine Balsam Fir tabletop tree, which features widely spaced branches to highlight heirloom accents without overwhelming your small tree. Decorate with similar ornaments as your full-sized tree or artificial greenery to create a consistent look throughout your home.

Sized for convenience and ease, our tabletop Christmas trees also make for delightful Christmas presents for your family and friends.

Deck the halls without worrying about space. Shop the Balsam Hill website today to find premium tabletop Christmas trees and other seasonal accents to complete your decorating theme. For more tips, visit the Resource Centre and read our ultimate guide to learn more about Christmas decorating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of artificial tabletop trees?

Artificial tabletop trees require little to no maintenance, take up a smaller footprint, and you can enjoy their beauty all year round.

How long do artificial tabletop trees last?

With proper care and storage, you can enjoy Balsam Hill's artificial tabletop trees for years to come.

Are artificial tabletop trees easy to set up?

Yes, most require no tools or minimal assembly. You can enjoy your Balsam Hill artificial tabletop tree right out of the box it came in.