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Traditional Artificial Christmas Foliage

Deck your halls with the classic beauty of Balsam Hill®'s traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands. Decorate any space with seasonal foliage that will bring cheer and timeless elegance to your home.

Foliage Properties of Traditional Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Our classic Christmas wreaths and garlands are crafted with 100% PVC or polyvinyl chloride. These are thin, flat, and flexible strips of coloured plastic that are traditionally used for Christmas trees. The material used for our traditional garlands and wreaths are the same as our traditional Christmas trees. They are the more affordable option and provide you with great value as they’re made with the same Balsam Hill® quality.

Sizes of Traditional Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Balsam Hill®’s Christmas wreath sizes range from 45 centimetres to 120 centimetres in diameter, while our Christmas garlands range from 180 centimetres to 305 centimetres in length.

Our Christmas wreaths under 60 centimetres wide are ideal for your standard front door. You need two wreaths of this size range for display on double doors. Meanwhile, wreaths 60 to 69 centimetres wide are best for creating a dramatic statement for your front door since they are slightly larger than the usual. Wreaths 70 centimetres and larger are suitable for wider doors, large entryways, and expansive walls. If you’re using the wreath on your door, the rule of thumb is to have at least 15 centimetres of space on each side, between the edge of the wreath and the door frame. Alternatively, you may also use a bigger wreath for a unique, stylish look.

Choose our 180-centimetre garlands to decorate standard-sized entryways or small mantels. If you’re looking into decorating wider and taller spaces, choose our 305-centimetre garlands. This length is suitable for banisters, larger doors, windows, mantels, and a long dining table.

When decorating your home and furniture, it is important to take note of their measurements before purchasing the wreaths and garlands that you need. Make sure that the wreath and garland size you choose will fit your desired space. Consider our two-pack deals for a long staircase, deck handrails, double doors, or porch ceilings. 

Decorated and Undecorated Traditional Christmas Garlands and Wreaths

Delight in the beauty of our decorated traditional wreaths and garlands with Christmas-themed embellishments. The lush green foliage accented with bright red berries and bows perfectly capture the joy of the season. Aside from traditional Christmas colours of red and green, our wreaths and garlands also come with playful colour combinations for your celebratory theme. Some feature pinecones and other forest elements, while others make excellent statement pieces for winter themes with flocked foliage.

If you want something more versatile to decorate on your own, choose our undecorated wreaths and garlands. They’re beautiful on their own to grace your home all year round and can be decorated according to your liking for every season.

Lighting Options for Your Traditional Christmas Garland or Wreath

Create a merry and bright display as you design your space with our pre-lit wreaths and garlands. Our Christmas wreaths and garlands come with either traditional incandescent bulbs or energy-efficient LEDs. They’re powered by either an electrical cord or by battery to make it easy for you to light them up when electrical outlets aren’t available. These are ideal for outdoor areas like the front door, porch fence, or patio.

Browse our full collection of traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands and find exquisite pieces to suit your style and budget. Complete your decorating set with our wide assortment of Christmas decorations and seasonal ornaments from Balsam Hill® today.

Learn more about faux greenery with our comprehensive guide here. For decorating tips and techniques, please visit our Resource Centre.