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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Pre Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen Trees
    Our exclusive Pre Fluffed trees significantly reduce setup time. Each tree is hand-shaped before shipping. The Instant Evergreen® memory wire branches adjust into place upon unboxing.
    "15 minutes from opened boxes to fully set up tree."
    - SKA from LITTLE ROCK about the Pinehurst Spruce

    Pre-Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen Trees


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    • 240 - 365 cm (2)
    • Most Realistic (2)
      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
    Light Type
    Learn more about lighting options »
    • Fairy Lights & Micro LEDs (2)
      Itty-bitty lights that dazzle and delight.
    Easy Setup
    • Flip Trees™ (3)
      Stored upside-down on built-in rolling stand and flips into display
      position in seconds for unmatched ease of setup.
    • Pre-Fluffed™ (2)
      Light connections are made inside the trunk, and memory wire branches reduce the need for manual shaping.
    • Easy Plug™ (21)
      Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
    Tree Shape
    • Slim
    Decoration Options
    • Undecorated (2)
      Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
    • Over $600 (2)
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    Here at Balsam Hill®, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and innovate our technologies. This includes finding new ways to make Christmas tree set-up and decorating more effortless and convenient, giving you more time to do things that matter most.

    Benefits of a Pre-Fluffed Artificial Christmas Tree

    Balsam Hill®’s exclusive Pre-Fluffed artificial Christmas trees are a marvel of function and design. Each tree is hand-shaped before shipping to significantly reduce setup time. Pre-lit models also include our exclusive Easy Plug® technology featuring pre-connected wires throughout the patented trunk design. This means lighting up the tree is as simple as plugging it into a wall socket.

    Instant Evergreen® Memory Wire Branches

    All Pre-Fluffed Christmas trees are designed with our innovative Instant Evergreen® memory wire branches. These branches fan out and adjust into place, decreasing the time you have to spend on fluffing and shaping them. These trees keep their shape well even in storage. When you take out your Balsam Hill® Christmas tree the following year, you will spend even less time setting up than the first year you got it.

    True Needle® Technology

    In addition to Instant Evergreen® memory wire branches and the Easy Plug® lighting system for pre-lit models, our Pre-Fluffed artificial Christmas trees also feature our exclusive True Needle® technology. We create moulds of real branch cuttings to replicate the texture, colour, and shape of live evergreen needles. This is what makes our trees look and feel just like the Christmas trees you find in nature.

    Our most realistic artificial Christmas trees are made of more than 65% True Needle® foliage. Classic PVC needles are added near the trunk for fullness. We also offer realistic trees that combine True Needle® branches and PVC foliage to strike a balance between realism and affordability. For a more budget-friendly alternative, choose among our traditional Christmas trees with 100% PVC needles.

    Pre-lit Options

    Decorating for the season is even more convenient with our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees. They are professionally hand-strung to provide optimum coverage and hide unsightly wires. Each tree includes energy-efficient LED lights that won’t burn out, so you can enjoy their magical glow for years to come. For a display that shines bright, opt for our pre-lit trees with fairy lights. Since these lights are smaller than standard Christmas lights, you’ll get more LED bulbs per string on your tree.

    Once the season is over, place your tree in a cool, dry space to maintain its condition. Keep it in a sturdy bag to protect from dust and other damaging elements. All Balsam Hill® trees come with lightweight bags for hassle-free storage every year.

    With our easy set-up Christmas trees, you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying gatherings with your loved ones. Browse our selection of Pre-Fluffed artificial Christmas trees at Balsam Hill® today. Visit our Ultimate Buyer's Guide on Artificial Christmas Trees to learn more. For tips on how to fluff an artificial Christmas tree, check out this page.

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