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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Outdoor Safe Foliage
    Crafted with weather-resistant materials
    and featuring UV protection for
    lasting beauty.

    Outdoor Christmas Wreaths & Garlands Foliage


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      Realistic greenery featuring nature-inspired embellishments and True Needle™ foliage mixed with PVC tips
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      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
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      Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage to add sophisticated elegance to your home
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    A Balsam Hill® outdoor garland, wreath, or swag lets you share the festive atmosphere of your home with the neighbourhood. Choose from our beautiful line of foliage to convey a message of warmth and cheer. These faux greeneries are UV-protected to maintain their vibrant colour when displayed outdoors.

    How to Select Outdoor Christmas Wreaths, Garlands, or Swags Based on Realism

    Like artificial Christmas trees, faux greeneries are traditionally made of PVC needles. For more lifelike foliage, our exclusive True Needle® technology uses injection-moulded PE. Choose from our most realistic outdoor garlands, swags, and wreaths that feature PE needles. Alternatively, select from realistic greenery, which have a mix of PE and PVC needles for fullness. For more affordable options, we offer greenery made from 100% PVC.

    How to Select Outdoor Wreaths, Garlands, or Swags Based on Size

    When decorating your space, consider the size of your Christmas foliage. Overly large ones can overpower the rest of your décor. On the other hand, those that are too small can underwhelm the impact of your decorating theme. To help determine the size you need, follow our tips below:

    1. Outdoor Wreaths (based on diameter)

      • Under 60 centimetres - Ideal for standard front doors measuring 75 to 90 centimetres wide. Hang two wreaths of this size on double doors.
      • 60 to 69 centimetres - Recommended for larger entryways and for a dramatic effect as an oversized wreath on standard doors.

      • 70 centimetres and over - Suitable for oversized doors. These large wreaths are also perfect for wider spaces like walls with high ceilings, or above large fireplace mantels.

    2. Outdoor Garlands (based on length)

      • 180 centimetres - Suitable for standard doors. Connect several strands to make a longer piece.
      • 305 centimetres - Ideal for wider archways and double doors 

    3. Outdoor Swags - Ideal for standard-sized and slim front doors

    Choosing Between a Bare or Decorated Outdoor Garland and Wreath

    Keep your home’s exterior inviting throughout the season. Select from lush, undecorated wreaths and garlands for a simple yet elegant look. Or, pick from gorgeous pre-decorated options to match your chosen theme. Some are decked out in shiny ornaments while others feature bows, realistic berries, and pinecones.

    Decorating with Christmas Wreaths, Garlands, and Swags

    Spruce up front doors with faux greenery. Secure your set-up with sturdy wreath and garland hangers. Alternatively, repurpose ribbons, twine, heavy-duty strings, or adhesive hooks. We recommend displaying your outdoor foliage for 3 months in a year to preserve the colour of the foliage. Place it in a sheltered area for added protection from the elements. This also protects the lights of pre-lit wreaths, swags, and garlands from damage. 

    Make sure to fully fluff your foliage before decorating. When hanging a wreath on your front door, leave around 5 to 15 centimetres of space on each side. Use identical wreaths or swags for double doors. Join two or more outdoor Christmas garlands to decorate broad ceilings or banisters. Layer foliage for wide exterior walls. You may need twice as many garlands if you’re wrapping them all around a banister or column. For outdoor tables, lay a wreath or drape a garland as your centrepiece. Pair it with flameless candles or lanterns for a warm and cosy display.

    Refresh your home’s facade and other al fresco areas with outdoor garlands, wreaths and swags. Shop beautiful faux greenery and other outdoor Christmas decorations at Balsam Hill® today.

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