Balsam Hill is the exclusive owner of three innovative technologies for easy setup artificial christmas trees — flip trees®, Instant Evergreen™ and easy plug™ trees.

    Spend more time on what matters most to you this Christmas. Our Easy Setup Christmas Trees feature exclusive Christmas tree technologies that make setting up, decorating, and storage quick, simple, and hassle-free.

    Pre-Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen

    Reduce the time you spend on fluffing and huffing to get your Christmas tree in perfect shape. Our Pre-fluffed Instant Evergreen artificial Christmas trees feature memory wire branches that fan into place upon unboxing. No need to spend hours in pushing and pulling your Christmas tree’s branches into place. This easy setup Christmas tree does most of the work for you, allowing your tree to achieve its desired shape in less time and with minimal effort.

    Easy Plug™

    Untangle yourself from the hassle of stringing lights and tripping over cords. Our exclusive Easy Plug™ technology features a pre-made light system that automatically connects light strings within the tree trunk. This easy setup Christmas tree requires only a single plug to light up–the one that goes into the wall socket. Light up your Christmas celebrations with our collection of Easy Plug™ artificial Christmas trees.

    Flip Trees™

    Turn your Christmas decorating experience around with an easy setup Christmas tree. The unique and exclusive Flip Tree technology allows you to flip your tree’s base on its stand for quick assembly. A rolling tree stand provides ease of mobility so you don’t need to do the heavy lifting, while its 4-wheel locking capability also keeps your tree stable and steady. After the celebrations, simply remove the top portion of your tree and flip the base back into place to easily fit into a tree storage bag.

    Create more magical moments and spend more time with loved ones this season. Our collection of Easy Setup Christmas trees make assembly, decorating, and storage quick and simple. Browse more lifelike artificial Christmas trees on Balsam Hill today.

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