Our classic handcrafted Christmas ornaments are the perfect complement to your Balsam Hill® Christmas tree.
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    Christmas Tree Ornaments & Trim

    At Balsam Hill®, you will find everything you need to make Christmas even more magical. From the most realistic artificial Christmas trees to essential Christmas tree decorations, we help you celebrate the joy of the season and create extraordinary moments.

    Now that you’ve found the perfect tree for your home, it’s time for one of the most exciting parts: putting up all the Christmas tree decorations and accessories. Read on for a quick guide on how to decorate your Christmas tree.

    Christmas Tree Ornaments

    How many ornaments you’ll need largely depends on how you want your tree to look. Some prefer a minimalist theme with a few ornaments here and there, while others love a heavily decorated tree. To help you determine the number of ornaments, here are our recommendations:

    • For 195-centimetre trees, you need 70 pieces of 10- to 22-centimetre ornaments for light coverage and 105 pieces for heavy coverage.
    • For 225-centimetre trees, you need 105 pieces of 10- to 22-centimetre ornaments for light coverage and 140 pieces for heavy coverage.
    • For 270- to 300-centimetre trees, you need 175 pieces of 10- to 22-centimetre ornaments for light coverage and 210 pieces for heavy coverage.

    It’s a good idea to invest in basic pieces such as plain Christmas balls, which you can eventually expand and mix and match them with different themes.

    Christmas Tree Toppers

    Our tree toppers come in various shapes and sizes to suit an array of styles – from classic Christmas angels and stars to more elaborate ones like floral bouquets. No matter what style you choose, keep in mind to leave an allowance of at least 15 centimetres between the ceiling and the topper. If using a heavier tree topper, consider installing a stabilization kit to secure it in place.

    Christmas Tree Skirts

    Christmas tree skirts add a nice, flourishing touch to the base of your tree and not to mention, hide the stands and wires. Balsam Hill® offers exclusively designed tree skirts in various patterns, fabrics, and shapes. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right size for your tree:

    • 91- to 122-centimetre tree skirts best fit trees with widths between 76-107 centimetres
    • 137- to 152-centimetre tree skirts best fit trees with widths between 107-137 centimetres
    • 178- to 183-centimetre tree skirts best fit trees with widths between 137-163 centimetres
    • 213-centimetre tree skirts best fit trees with widths between 163-193 centimetres

    Christmas Tree Stands & Collars

    Christmas tree stands and collars are beautiful alternatives to tree skirts, if you’re looking to try something new this year. Our tree collars hide the stand and are available in several different designs to choose from: woven, galvanized, and more. Some tree stands, on the other hand, are meant to replace the standard tree stand and add height to the tree.

    Christmas Tree Ribbons

    Balsam Hill®’s Christmas tree ribbons come in a variety of colours and textures. Designed to complement any decorating theme, these Christmas tree accessories can be layered to add depth and texture to décor. You can also use them in place of garlands or turn them into bows to fill the gaps between branches. Read this blog post for ribbon decorating ideas from our design consultant, Brad Schmidt.

    Visit the Balsam Hill® website to find more tree decorations and accessories for your home this Christmas season. Check out the Resource Centre and read our Ultimate Guide on Christmas Tree Decorations to learn more.

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