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    Christmas in July Sale
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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Wreaths and Garlands by Size
    Balsam Hill® offers beautiful artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands in a variety of sizes.

    Create a cosy setting with Christmas greenery that fits your space just right. Balsam Hill® offers a wide array of Christmas wreath sizes, as well as different Christmas garland lengths to match.

    Shop Christmas Wreaths by Size

    Wreaths are often placed on front doors to welcome guests with the joy of Christmas. They also brighten up mantels, walls, tablescapes, and other areas of your home. Balsam Hill®’s Christmas wreath sizes range from under 60 centimetres to 70 centimetres and over.

    • 60 centimetres and below Perfect for standard front doors that measure 75 to 90 centimetres wide. Use two wreaths of this size on double doors.
    • 60 to 69 centimetres Best for a larger entryway or if you prefer an oversized wreath for a standard door.
    • 70 centimetres and over Ideal for oversized doors. This size range also suits wider surfaces like high walls or the space above large fireplace mantelshelves.

    To get the perfect Christmas wreath size, choose one that covers 50% to 75% of the hanging space’s width. For standard doors, leave at least 15 centimetres of space on either side of the wreath. Pick a bigger wreath for a dramatic look but allot around 5 centimetres of space on each side. Once you’ve identified the correct diameter, view our assortment of Christmas wreaths according to size to find the one that complements your space and style.

    Shop Christmas Garlands by Size

    Complement your wreaths with matching garlands for various areas of your home. These flexible pieces can be draped over doorways, banisters, mantels, and tables. Our Christmas garland sizes range from 180 centimetres to 305 centimetres long. Use string or yarn to help you determine the length you’ll need for your space.

    • 180 centimetres - Suitable for standard doors or mantels.
    • 305 centimetres - Perfect for wider archways and double doors. This Christmas garland size is ideal if you want it to gather at the bottom.

    Browse our Christmas garlands according to size to find the best fit for your decorating space. If you need a longer strand, link two or more pieces together.

    Create a Magical Display with Lifelike Artificial Greenery

    After sorting artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths by size, explore our levels of realism and lighting options. Balsam Hill®’s faux greenery features the same lifelike foliage as our artificial Christmas trees. They are crafted with exclusive True Needle™ branch tips that replicate the colour, texture, and structure of real evergreens. We combine these with high-quality Classic PVC needles to achieve a full look.

    For an enchanting display, choose pre-lit wreaths and garlands with traditional incandescent lights or energy-efficient LEDs. These are offered with clear lights for a warm ambience or multicoloured bulbs for a festive look. We also have unlit options if you want to keep your décor simple or add your own lights.

    Find stunning artificial greenery that suits your decorating space. Shop Balsam Hill®’s wide assortment of Christmas wreath sizes, with complementing Christmas garlands in various lengths.

    Learn more about how to choose the right Christmas wreath and garland size through our comprehensive guide. For more decorating tips and techniques, visit our Resource Centre.

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