• Wreaths and Garlands by Foliage
    Balsam Hill™ presents the finest collections of decorated, most realistic, and traditional artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands.

    Bring nature’s timeless beauty into your home this season with realistic wreaths and Christmas garlands. Fresh-looking all season long, our collection of realistic artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands require no maintenance and dress up your spaces in a matter of minutes.

    Most Realistic

    Inspired by nature, our most realistic wreaths and garlands are designed with exclusive True Needle™ foliage that is modelled after real evergreen branches for outstanding realism. Using the latest technology and highest quality craftsmanship, our team develops real looking foliage that are meticulous replicas of actual fir, spruce, and pine branches. You’ll have a difficult time telling the difference, plus you won’t have any shedding needles.


    Enjoy the beauty of the season with classic wreaths and garlands. Crafted with 100% Classic Needle (PVC) foliage, our traditional artificial wreaths and realistic garlands reflect the same renowned Balsam Hill quality and craftsmanship at a more cost-effective point. Mimic the beauty of real Christmas foliage and create a festive atmosphere in your home with lifelike wreaths and garlands.

    Share the joy of the season with beautifully realistic Christmas wreaths and garlands. Shop the Balsam Hill website today and find artificial Christmas foliage, trees, and seasonal décor for your home.

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