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    September Savings Event Save up to 30% Ends 28 Sep Shop Sale
    Wreaths and Garlands by Price
    Balsam Hill's collection of Christmas wreaths fits any holiday style under $100, $100-$199, and over $200 price range.

    Add finishing touches to your Christmas display with our collection of premium artificial foliage. Balsam Hill® offers a selection of garland and Christmas wreath prices ranging from under $100 to over $200. Browse through our available options and shop garlands or Christmas wreaths by price to find your ideal showpiece.

    Shopping by Garland and Christmas Wreath Price

    While planning for Christmas, you need to set your budget and list down all items that would complete your décor. If artificial foliage is on your shopping list, you can look for options online and filter artificial wreaths and garlands by price. Expect the following factors to affect the wreath or Christmas garland price:

    • Realism

    Our most realistic foliage features True Needle® branches, which are lifelike replicas of their natural counterparts. If you're looking for alternatives with a lower price, consider traditional foliage made with 100% classic PVC strips. 

    • Decorations

    Arrangements with intricate accents typically cost more than simpler wreaths and garlands. You’ll see foliage decorated with berries, pinecones, Christmas balls, and ribbons. Some greenery items also feature frosted branch tips. 

    The bigger or the longer the greenery item, the higher the price. Choose from small to average-sized wreaths ranging from under 60 centimetres to 69 centimetres. You may also opt for larger wreaths with a diameter of over 70 centimetres. For garlands, choose between 180 centimetres or 305 centimetres.

    • Lighting Options 

    Like our artificial Christmas trees, our wreaths and garlands come unlit or pre-lit with energy-saving LED lights. Get artificial greenery with battery-operated clear LED lights to enjoy the cosy warm glow of candlelight.

    • UV Protection

    If you're displaying the wreath or garland in an area that’s exposed to sunlight, look for outdoor-safe foliage. A special treatment is applied so they remain vibrant despite sun exposure. We recommend displaying these UV-protected greenery items outdoors for up to 3 months a year to maintain their appearance.

    Tips to Enjoy a Lower Garland or Christmas Wreath Price

    Don't miss out on possible savings as you complete your seasonal décor. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • Watch out for special promos and sales, especially during clearance season after Christmas. 
    • Look for coupons that will give you additional discounts.
    • If you are using a credit card, check if your bank is offering deals for seasonal or bulk purchases. 

    Thinking Beyond the Garland or Christmas Wreath Price

    While reviewing choices that suit your budget, don't forget to think of other important details. Consider choices that match your motif and suit your space in terms of theme and size. Decide whether you want a decorated pre-lit greenery item or if you prefer to add your own accents to an unlit wreath or garland.

    Find artificial foliage fit for your home among our collection of exquisite pieces. Shop wreaths and Christmas garlands by price and spruce up your home with seasonal décor from Balsam Hill®. To learn more about artificial greenery, visit our guide.

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