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    September Savings Event Save up to 30% Ends 28 Sep Shop Sale
    Wreaths & Garlands Over $200
    Balsam Hill offers the most stunning collection of large Christmas wreaths and garlands priced at over $200.

    Artificial Wreaths, Garlands, and Foliage AU$200 and Over

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    • 60 - 69 cm Wreaths (3)
    • 70 cm & above Wreaths (3)
    • 180 cm Garlands (1)
    • 305 cm Garlands (4)
    • Most Realistic (6)
      Incredibly lifelike foliage featuring our exclusive True Needle™ technology and a vibrant array of beautiful accents inspired by nature
    • Realistic (3)
      Realistic greenery featuring nature-inspired embellishments and True Needle™ foliage mixed with PVC tips
    Light Type
    • Candlelight™ Clear LED (11)
      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
    • Battery Operated (4)
    Decoration Options
    • Decorated (8)
      Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage to add sophisticated elegance to your home
    • Undecorated (3)
      Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
    • Outdoor Wreaths and Garlands (1)
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    Balsam Hill® offers a stunning collection of artificial greenery for various corners of your home. Give guests a warm welcome by adorning your front door with one of our artificial Christmas wreaths over 200 AUD. Get matching garlands of the same price for a complete look.

    Foliage Types of Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands Over 200 AUD

    Our most realistic wreaths and garlands feature PE needles. These are injection-moulded foliage that replicate the pigments and texture of actual evergreens, such as the Monterey Pine and Norway Spruce. Foliage items that come at a higher price, like our artificial Christmas wreaths over 200 AUD, usually fall under this category.

    On the other hand, we have traditional wreaths and garlands made from classic PVC needles coloured with evergreen hues. You may order a Balsam Hill® Branch Sample Kit if you want to appreciate the different foliage types. 

    Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Foliage Over 200 AUD

    Choose from a variety of artificial greenery that come with built-in, professionally hand-strung lights. Our pre-lit wreaths and garlands offer a warm, inviting candle-like glow that adds a cosy look to your space. They are battery-operated so you can place them anywhere you want without worrying about power outlets. 

    Decorating Themes Suitable for Artificial Christmas Foliage Worth 200 AUD

    There are many seasonal motifs befitting our stunning greenery collection. Here are a few themes to try with our artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands:

    • Yuletide Cheer

    Nothing says Christmas like classic red and green decorations. Choose from simple yet stunning arrangements of berries with pine needles. You may also pick wreaths and garlands embellished with shiny ornaments or beautiful bows. 

    • Festive Jewel Tones

    Choose garlands and artificial Christmas wreaths over 200 AUD that feature eye-catching ornaments in bright hues. Turn on the lights of pre-lit greenery to lend more shine to the decorations. 

    • Nordic Christmas 

    Celebrate the season with a minimalist decorating theme. Select faux foliage that are undecorated or have few embellishments. Complement the greenery with Scandinavian-inspired Christmas ornaments and furniture.

    • Woodland Inspired 

    Take cues from your favourite forest getaway and look for decorated greenery that calls nature's gifts to mind. Pinecones and twigs are popular accents for this theme. Find them in our artificial wreaths and garlands that feature rustic designs.

    • Winter Elements 

    Transform your home, no matter your local climate, into a winter wonderland. Complete your festive display with flocked greenery. Another option is to mix and match wreaths and garlands decorated with frosted ornaments or silver accents. 

    • Forest Flora

    Decorate your spaces with wreaths and garlands that feature mixed greenery. Adorn your mantel, banister, and entryways with fresh foliage that combines multiple types of flora in varying textures and shades of green.

    Browse our assortment of artificial garlands and Christmas wreaths over 200 AUD today. Visit Balsam Hill®'s website for a wide array of seasonal décor. For more tips on how to choose and care for your artificial foliage, read our Ultimate Guide to Faux Greenery.

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