Christmas Wreaths and Garlands
Designed to capture the beauty of real evergreens, our artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands add holiday warmth to doors or fireplace mantles.
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Artificial Christmas Wreaths, Garlands & Foliage

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  • 180 cm Garlands (16)
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  • Most Realistic (27)
    Incredibly lifelike foliage featuring our exclusive True Needle™ technology and a vibrant array of beautiful accents inspired by nature
  • Realistic (24)
    Realistic greenery featuring nature-inspired embellishments and True Needle™ foliage mixed with PVC tips
  • Traditional (3)
    Our range of lovely yet affordable decorated and undecorated foliage made from classic PVC needles
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  • Candlelight™ Clear LED (53)
    The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
  • Unlit (6)
  • Battery Operated (29)
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  • Decorated (39)
    Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage to add sophisticated elegance to your home
  • Undecorated (20)
    Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
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When decorating for the holidays, many make it their goal to diffuse Christmas spirit through every room. And while the Christmas tree typically takes center stage, it’s the garlands, wreaths, teardrops, and swags that help to spread holiday cheer throughout the rest of a home. These accents make a home feel lush, inviting, and most of all, festive.

Celebrate the warmth of the holidays by decorating your home with an elegant assortment of Christmas wreaths and garlands. Our extensive selection allows you to enjoy all the beauty of traditional holiday foliage without the hassle of shedding needles.

Effortless Decorative Details

Many of our wreaths, garlands, and swags also offer the option of pre-strung lighting or permanent decorations. Pre-decorated wreaths and garlands add a lot of warmth and character to a space and can create a polished, cohesive look with their coordinating style. These also spare you the effort of decorating the greenery yourself and painstakingly attaching additional décor to every swag, wreath, and teardrop.

Wreaths for Christmas, Fall, and Beyond

Wreaths are a crucial Christmas decoration; what home would be ready for the holidays without one displayed on the front door to welcome in the season and the guests? Front door wreaths are one of the most traditional Christmas decorations, but just because they are traditional doesn’t mean their design has to be. We offer a wide selection of designs ranging from the classic evergreen to magnolia foliage to red berry wreaths.

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