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    Bring home the wonder and joy of Christmas with a tree so realistic it's magical. Choosing artificial doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the look and feel of your favorite tree. Balsam Hill designs real looking artificial Christmas trees after real species found in nature—from the shape and texture of the needles to the nuances in colour. Best of all, most realistic Christmas trees stay evergreen and need little to no maintenance. Find your real looking Christmas tree from our collection of realistic artificial Christmas trees and prepare for a memorable Christmas season.


    Made with a combination of our exclusive True Needle™ foliage and classic PVC needles, these realistic artificial Christmas trees feature exceptionally lifelike branch tips that closely resemble their live counterparts down to the last detail. True Needle™ foliage mimic the colour and structure of real trees, while Classic Needles add texture and fullness to the tree. Hinged branches make assembly quick and easy while providing ample support for your baubles and decorations.


    Celebrate the Christmas season with cost-effective artificial Christmas trees. Crafted with 100% Classic Needle (PVC) foliage, our traditional artificial Christmas trees reflect the same renowned Balsam Hill quality and craftsmanship, at a price you can afford. Made of flame-retardant and non-allergenic PVC needles, these classic Christmas trees mimic the beauty of real trees and create a festive atmosphere in your home.

    Most Realistic

    Inspired by nature, our most realistic artificial Christmas trees are designed with exclusive True Needle™ foliage that is modelled after real evergreen branches for outstanding realism. Using the latest technology and highest quality craftsmanship, our team develops real looking artificial Christmas trees that are meticulous replicas real trees. You’ll have a hard time telling the difference, plus you won’t get any of the mess from shedding needles.

    Make decorating for the season a breeze. Shop realistic Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations for a brighter and merrier Christmas at Balsam Hill today.

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