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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Trees by Level of Realism
    Shop our artificial Christmas trees by their
    level of realism.

    Balsam Hill® creates artificial Christmas trees of exceptional quality and beauty, with features for your convenience. Are you looking for trees with outstanding realism? Or are you set on getting a traditional artificial tree? Have a look at your options with tips on selecting artificial Christmas trees by realism. 

    Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

    Balsam Hill®’s most realistic trees look lifelike, whether viewed up-close or from afar. These visually stunning trees are primarily crafted with our signature True Needle® foliage. This technology uses polyethylene or PE, an injection-moulded material that replicates the colour, structure, and texture of evergreen needles. A small number of PVC or polyvinyl chloride needles are placed near the trunk of some trees for added fullness. 

    Our lifelike trees are based on popular Christmas tree species from North America, Canada, and other regions. Shop our artificial Christmas trees by realism to see well-loved options such as the Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, and Vermont White Spruce. Consider slender trees for smaller homes, such as the Silverado Slim or the Cathedral Fir tree. We also have realistic sparse trees like the Alpine Balsam Fir.

    Realistic Christmas Trees

    These are made with up to 65% True Needle® foliage. Then, classic PVC needles are strategically placed for fullness. Pine needles also add another dimension in some realistic artificial Christmas trees. See the noteworthy options in this gorgeous collection, such as the California Baby Redwood Tree.

    Traditional Christmas Trees

    Our most cost-effective trees are crafted with 100% PVC needles. At a distance, these traditional Christmas trees resemble natural fir, spruce, or pine evergreens. Upon closer inspection, you'll see the flat PVC strips that make up the needles. See beautiful replicas of evergreens in our collection like the Berkshire Mountain Fir. Apart from these classic trees, you can also opt for wintry trees with white foliage.

    Choosing Artificial Christmas Trees by Realism and Lighting Options 

    Bring sparkle to your festive display with realistic or traditional pre-lit Christmas trees. Decide on your theme and budget before determining what light features will match your style and requirements. Here are the lighting options of Balsam Hill®’s traditional, realistic, and most realistic pre-lit Christmas trees:

    Easy Set-up Options for Artificial Christmas Trees

    A variety of exclusive features make Balsam Hill® Christmas trees convenient to set up and store. Consider the Flip Tree® technology, which lets you assemble and take down your tree without heavy lifting. Reduce the need for manual shaping with Pre-Fluffed Trees. Turn on a pre-lit tree with just one plug through the Easy Plug® set-up, where lights are connected through the trunk. Save time and energy putting up your tree without compromising its beauty, and spend more time enjoying your masterpiece.

    Shop Christmas trees by realism then pair it with ornaments and other home accessories that match your theme. Complete your Christmas display with seasonal décor from Balsam Hill®.

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