• Trees by Height
    Shop Artificial Christmas Trees by Height. All of our trees are measured from the base of the included tree stand or pot to the top of the tree.

    Exchange gifts and make memories around a stunning Christmas centrepiece. Explore artificial Christmas tree heights to complement your spaces from our selection of quality trees ranging from 180 centimetres to 365 centimetres tall.

    Miniature Marvels

    For quaint cabins in the hills to simple shacks in the outback, Balsam Hill offers a range of realistic Christmas trees to celebrate the festive season. Even if you're short on space, little Christmas trees can be the perfect solution. Measurements of artificial Christmas tree height include stands. These petite Christmas trees easily perch on tabletops and mantels to add cheer to any space.

    Humble Homes

    When selecting the perfect Christmas tree height for your home, one of the first questions that arises is which size to select. 180-centimetre artificial Christmas trees and 210-centimetre artificial Christmas trees are continually one of the most popular sizes available. They’re the perfect size to complement the ceiling height in most homes, while still allowing plenty of clearance for a show-stopping tree topper. They also are conveniently sized in that most people won’t require a ladder or step stool in order to hang decorations on the upper branches, making decorating easier and safer.

    Grand Displays

    Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with an impressive statement. Statuesque and majestic, our over 240-centimetre artificial Christmas trees are among our best-selling items. They look stunning in rooms with high ceilings and are perfect for showcasing large ornaments.

    Match artificial Christmas tree heights to your spaces with ease. Find the ideal tree for your home at Balsam Hill today.

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