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    Christmas in July Sale Save up to 50% Ends 3 Aug Shop Sale
    Artificial Christmas Trees from $500 - $599
    A wide selection of premium artificial Christmas trees priced from $500 - $599.

    Artificial Christmas Trees AU$500 to AU$599


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      Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
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    • Candlelight™ Clear LED (2)
      The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
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      Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
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    Bring home a Christmas tree that suits your style and budget. Balsam Hill®’s price range includes artificial Christmas trees 500 AUD and over that offer lifelike quality and innovative features.

    Browse Balsam Hill®’s Artificial Christmas Trees 500 AUD and Over

    Artificial Christmas tree prices depend on various factors such as realism, size, lighting options, and other technologies. Our Most Realistic artificial Christmas trees priced from 500 AUD to 599 AUD are primarily made with exclusive True Needle® foliage. These injection-moulded PE needles mimic the colour, texture, and structure of real evergreens.

    To strike a balance between realism and affordability, we have Realistic Christmas trees that combine True Needle® branches with Classic PVC needles for added fullness. Meanwhile, our most affordable Traditional Christmas trees are crafted with 100% high-quality Classic PVC foliage.

    Find the Right Size and Shape

    Mid-priced trees come in a wide array of sizes and shapes to give you the perfect fit. Small rooms and areas with low ceilings are best decorated with trees ranging from 180 to 205 centimetres tall. Our 210- to 230-centimetre Christmas trees are the most popular since they are ideal for homes with standard ceiling heights. If you’re decorating a large room with generous vertical space, go for 240- to 365-centimetre-tall trees.

    After picking the right height, look for a tree shape that matches your allotted floor area. Our artificial Christmas trees 500 AUD to 599 AUD are available in full, narrow, and slim shapes. Classic full-shaped trees are great for wide spaces. Their lush profile leaves plenty of room for layering different ornaments. Narrow trees showcase the traditional look of full trees without taking up too much floor space. For tight corners, the slender silhouette of slim Christmas trees makes the perfect space-saving solution.

    Explore a Variety of Lighting Options

    Enjoy a seamless decorating experience with pre-lit artificial Christmas trees priced from 500 AUD to 599 AUD. Our pre-lit trees are professionally hand-strung to achieve the optimum coverage and reduce the appearance of wires. Different light types are available to complement your chosen theme or style.

    Brighten up your home with the cosy warm glow of clear LED lights or the festive look of multicoloured LED bulbs. Get both options through our Colour + Clear™ LED technology that lets you switch between clear and multicoloured using a remote control. For an enchanting display, we offer trees with tiny pinpricks of fairy lights. We also have unlit trees if you prefer to hang your own lights.

    Easy Set-Up Artificial Christmas Trees

    Assemble your stunning Christmas tree in no time through our easy set-up technologies. Easy Plug® trees have built-in light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into the wall socket. Meanwhile, Pre-Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen® trees feature memory wire branches that fan out upon unboxing, reducing the time it takes to shape your tree.

    Find the perfect seasonal display for your home from Balsam Hill®’s selection of premium artificial Christmas trees 500 AUD and above. Read our guide for more tips on how to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for your home.

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