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How Should I Choose Between Unlit and Pre-lit Christmas Trees?

The choice between unlit and prelit artificial Christmas trees is a matter of style and convenience.

Unlit Christmas trees are great for people who love the classic way of decorating. By allowing room for creativity, unlit trees let you hang your Christmas lights in your own unique way and match your favorite color of lights with your style of ornamentation.

Prelit Christmas trees, on the other hand, are perfect for homeowners who prefer the faster process of setting up. With prelit artificial trees, there is very little chance of cords getting tangled up, or people tripping over wires.

Experts at Balsam Hill have designed trees that not only provide optimal lighting, but also keep unsightly wires hidden. All of the lights on the tree remain lit even if one of them goes out, making it easy to identify and replace burned out lights. With the professionally strung lights of Balsam Hill Christmas trees, your home will dazzle this holiday season.

What should I look for in buying pre-lit trees?



Prelit trees are now extremely popular both to save the time and hassle of stringing your own Christmas tree and because (high quality) prelit Christmas trees are professionally strung to minimize dangling wires. Most manufacturers provide a wide variety of options including clear lights , multicolored lights , and other configurations.

To ensure that you are getting high quality Christmas lights, make sure the lights are UL® approved and are designed to stay lit even when one light burns out. There are several levels of quality when it comes to "when one light burns out, the rest remain lit ": the very best lights actually let you remove a bulb and the rest will stay lit. These lights are much more expensive than standard "when one bulb burns out the rest remain lit" lights, and are used very infrequently on artificial Christmas trees due to their high cost.

Of course, as you would expect, our Balsam Hill trees feature the very best lights - you may remove a bulb and the rest will stay lit. (The exception to this is that some clearance items are standard lights and all of our indoor/outdoor light items such as wreaths, garlands, and potted trees feature standard lights). Often times you can judge the quality of the lights based on the length of the warranty; just make sure that the company who is selling you the pre-lit Christmas tree is the company that backs up the warranty to avoid being passed on to a third party.

If you are considering LED lights, keep in mind that most LED lights do not emit the warm, soft glow typically associated with indoor Christmas lights. Balsam Hill® now offers a new type of LED lights on some of its trees. These premium LEDs are available as warm-white Candlelight LEDs and multi-colored LEDs, both of which provide the warm Christmas glow desired by the majority of our customers.

Our premium LED lights are 5 mm in diameter and are "concave LED" lights. The voltage of the bulbs ranges from 2.8 to 3.6V, and the wattage from 0.056 to 0.072W. Our LED bulbs are 20mA.

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