Storing Your Tree
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Now that you've enjoyed your tree this holiday season, protect it by properly storing it for next year.

Assembly, Use, and Care Instructions For Your Balsam Hill ® Christmas Tree

  1. Remove all ornaments and decorations. For lighted trees, be sure to unplug the lights from the wall.

  2. Gently lift off each section of the tree, and remove the bottom section from the tree base. For lighted trees, detach the light connections between tree sections as you separate the sections.

  3. Balsam Hill® highly recommends storing your tree in the boxes in which you received the tree. The boxes will help prevent the tree from being damaged should it get bumped in your garage, basement, or other storage location. Tape the box shut to keep out any dust or insects. If it is not possible to use the original boxes, a tree bag(s) is provided to protect the tree. Balsam Hill® also offers premium storage bags for even more convenient and trouble-free storage. Remember to store the tree bag in a location where it will not get bumped or crushed.

  4. Depending on the size and weight of your tree, you may find it easiest to carry the individual sections of the tree to the final storage location and pack the box(es) there. 

  5. When packing up the tree, please ensure that there is no undue strain or stress on the light strings so as to ensure they do not get cut, frayed, or damaged.

  6. Be sure to store the tree in a cool, dry area away from sunlight to ensure your tree will be ready for next season.  Exposing your tree to excessive heat or humidity may damage your tree. Damage to the tree caused by improper storage conditions is not covered by warranty.

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