Shaping Your Tree
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Assembly, Use, and Care Instructions For Your Balsam Hill ® Christmas Tree

Shaping a Christmas tree takes a lot of effort, but for people who love displaying their beautiful evergreens, the entire process is a measure of their dedication.

  1. If you purchased a lighted tree, we recommend shaping the tree with the lights turned on. This helps you imagine the look of your holiday masterpiece.

  2. Optional: A pair of gloves is provided for you to wear while shaping the tree. The gloves glide smoothly over the branches to aid in fluffing them.

  3. Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up.

  4. Ensure that each branch has fallen fully into place. Carefully adjust any branches as needed to evenly space them.

  5. With each branch, separate out the individual tips and angle them out and away from the center of the tree. For most tree styles, the tips furthest back on the branch (toward the center pole) should be angled vertically up from the branch and sideways out from the branch so as to resemble a peacock's fanned tail when shaped. We recommend shaping the branches vertically upward as much as possible to give the tree its full appearance. ( See Figure D.) The tips toward the end of the branch (away from the center pole and toward you) should be angled out and away from the branch. (See Figure E.)

  6. Highly Recommended: Refer to the photos of your tree on our website to guide you in fluffing your particular style of tree. For example, some styles are "downswept" in which branches and tips angle gently downward. Other styles may be "upswept" in which tips are curved upward. Modeling your tree after a photo of that style will help you ideally shape your tree.

  7. Work your way around each branch level and then upward on the tree, adjusting each layer before moving upward.

  8. Once you have reached the top of the tree, step back, and look at the tree from a distance. This allows you to look for any areas that need a bit more fluffing to fill in any gaps. For lighted trees, check to ensure the lights are evenly spaced throughout the tree.

  9. The first time you assemble your tree may require the most shaping. In future seasons, the effort you put into mastering the shape of your tree will help you become an experienced tree shaper. In time, your tree will also retain much of the shape from the previous season.

  10. Showcasing your Balsam Hill® Christmas tree entails dedication to quality. The reward is a holiday season filled with beauty and stunning realism. Enjoy your Balsam Hill® tree!

Shaping Your Tree

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